Odd Coffee Shop Names

55. Cafe Ever (Random Weekly Review)

Am I the only person who thinks this cafe’s logo looks like the place would be a ski lodge in a 1980s movie about the K12?

Cafe Ever, a tribute to skiing the K12.

Cafe Ever. Go that way really fast. If an Americano gets in your way, ask for milk (and possibly get confused looks from the baristas).

20. – 23. Cafe Sweet Coax, Cafe Tirol, The Caffe, Yellow Coffee (Gimhae)

Here are a few of the coffee shops I can walk to. Some, like Cafe Sweet Coax, are close enough that I could walk to all the time if I was in love with their coffee. Others, like Yellow Coffee, may be a bit too far for a last second decision, but are still close enough if I cannot resist having a little color with my caffeine.

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