Peter Clarke

By Ray Hyland

The first adults you meet in life will forever leave an impression. Family notwithstanding you rely on your teachers and headmasters to guide you along the early roads.

Remembering Joseph....

I was saddened to read a couple days ago that Joseph Steinberg had died.  Joseph was a prolific writer and had been a frequent contributor to Pusanweb/Koreabridge in our early days. You can read a fuller self-description below, but I think the tagline for his blog captures what Joseph was about - "Skepticism with a Heart'.  His writing sometimes had an acerbic edge, but it was always well researched, attempted to be fair, and came from a place of caring about something.   One of the sites he turned me onto (and the link in his final tweet) was  Like Joseph, the site is devoted to intelligent conversation and tried to provide a space "where thoughtful disagreement is expressed in civil terms".

I spent several hours yesterday looking through old email exchanges with Joseph. A couple things struck me

Roh Moo-Hyun, Failure

You must know that since the beginning of the world a wise prince is a mighty rare bird, and an upright prince ever rarer. They are generally the biggest fools or the worst scoundrels on earth; therefore, one must constantly expect the worst from them and look for little good...Temporal Authority, Martin LutherI do not [...]

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