Jongno Jumak (종로 주막)

Name: Jongno Jumak (종로 주막)

Location: Jongno

Reviewed by: Mamas & Papas on: 12th January, 2013


Thoughts: Jongo Jumak is a 5 story makgeolli house with a traditional style interior. It is a young and lively place, which is more in the style of Korean Hofs than smaller makgeolli houses. Right in the centre of the nightlife district of Jongno, this place has large turnover of young people out for a good time.

LOCATION                                       FOOD

Service:       **** 1/2                              Assorted Jeon(파전):  ***1/2

Meeting 6 – Story of the Blue Star (푸른별 주막) Photo Gallery

Story of the Blue Star was a place we had been wanting to try for months, and when we did…we weren’t disappointed. If you’re looking for a place which combines a traditional makgeolli atmosphere with premium quality makgeolli and food, this is it :)

These pictures courtesy of Mimsie Ladner at Seoul Searching.

Meeting 6 – MowMow (마우마우) Photo Gallery

MowMow came highly recommended as the new place to be for makgeolli in Itaewon. It boasted some top shelf, fresh makgeolli but our Mamas & Papas weren’t overly impressed by the food variety. Nonetheless, it is a great space for an after-work kettle!

Meeting 5 – Moon Jar (달빛 술담) Photo Gallery

Our Mamas & Papas headed to Moon Jar with a purpose…to try out their cocktails! It’s one of the most famous and popular places for upscale makgeolli in Seoul, so it’s safe to say we were expectant. The cocktails we tried were a little on the sweet side for most, but the quality was unmistakable.

Wolhyang – Hongdae

Name: Wolhyang

Location: Hongdae

Recommended by: Twitter/Word of Mouth
Wolhyang Food - Seoultaste

Maakholic – Gangnam/Apgujeong

Name: Maakholic

Location: Gangnam/Apgujeong

Recommended by: Twitter

Courtesy: Seoulinthecity

Courtesy: Seoulinthecity

Music, Melodies, and Metal at Jazz Story

One of my favorite things about Seoul is that it is scattered with hidden gems, unsuspecting and obscure, that offer those that are lucky enough to discover them a special treat.  Restaurants, cafes, galleries, and bars are easy to find in Korea's capital city, but it's the ones tucked into back alleys and inconspicuous buildings that allure me the most, making me feel as if I've been let in on a secret when I find them.  

1, 2, Cha, Cha, Cha: The Rounds of Korean Nightlife

It's no secret that Koreans are some of the hardest workers in the world.  From a young age, one spends his or her school days buried in books, memorizing endless pages of material, and hopping from math to English to art academy.  There's very little time for play, or childhood even.  Things don't change much by the time one reaches the workplace.  Of the cities across the globe, those working in Seoul put in the most working hours per week on average. Efficiency has nothing to do with it, but because of their propensity to work hard, they find it necessary to play hard, too.  And very few can play as hard as Koreans do.

Music + Art + Cocktails at Mixture Experiment’s MADCUBE Show

Today I have a really great cocktail bar to share with you nestled down the side streets of Itaewon!  If you are a fan of art, graffiti, rap, skateboarding, and Seoul’s underground scene you will really enjoy the awesome and creative space of  Mixture Experiment!

Dongdaemun Mini Bootleg Night Market

One thing I love about Dongdaemun 동대문 is that no matter what time you happen to stop by, something new seems to be going on.  New areas open, other areas close, tents sprout up like weeds, and disappear just as quickly.  One good example is a yellow tent night-time market that occurs from around 10pm- midnight just about every night in this area selling mainly replica items.

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