Night Photography

Walking Home at Night in Yeongtong-dong

Last night was the first real dark night I’ve walked home from this year. I left work around 6pm and by the time I had crossed the street and said goodbye to a coworker it was as dark as December. I won’t prey on your sensibilities with a slew of cliches about walking home alone in a chilly night in October. We’ve all been there. It’s a universal feeling.

Looking down from 80 Stories: Busan’s We’ve the Zenith Tower

The Marine Park complex in Busan is home to some of the most modern skyscrapers in Korea, if not Asia. Some of the world’s top architects like Daniel Libeskind were hired to design the buildings. Standing on the roof, surrounded by all the modern skyscrapers, feels like you are in a scene of a sci fi movie. Below, European sports cars cruise the streets. Pedestrians sport the latest haute coutre bags and shoes. Executives enjoy their stay at the newly opened Park Hyatt, with some amazing views? Marine City has quickly become Busan’s version of Gangnam, the ultra-rich neighborhood in Seoul.

Hong Kong Tram Warp

Must have camera gear: Joby Gorilla Pod

If there is one thing I never leave behind, it’s the Joby Gorilla Pod. This is about the baddest, lightest, and cheapest camera gear you can buy. I hate carrying around my Manfrotto tripod (although I still use it often). I know the purists say “real” photographers carry their tripod everywhere. Call me big baby, but I think tripods are a clumsy heavy burden, especially while on the road. They are best used for accidentally hitting old ladies over the head while in crowded public places. With the gorilla pod, you can secure your camera on just about anything. Make sure you get the ball head too or it’s an extreme pain in the ass to use.

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