The Korean Right Got Crushed Last Month – Why?


The following post is the original English language version of a story I wrote for Newsweek Japan (relevant issue to the left) a few weeks ago on the South Korean.

The ‘Missilization’ of Conflict in Northeast Asia

2016.4.12号(4/ 5発売)

Earlier in the month, I wrote a short op-ed for Newsweek Japan on missiles and conflict Northeast Asia. Originally, they wanted me to write something on North Korea’s latest tests. But everyone writes about that, and all the talk of missiles and missile defense up here got me thinking about the larger issue that drones, missiles, and other cheap air platforms increasingly look to me like the wave of the future.

The MERS Panic and Painfully Obvious Need to Clean-Up the Korean Regulatory State




I wrote a story about the South Korean MERS panic for this week’s Newsweek Japan (available here). Basically, I make the same argument as my friend Se-Woong Koo from Korea Expose (which you really need to start reading). The panic shows just how much South Korea needs to get its act together on public safety and competence in government.

Seoul Mayor Trying to Make Korea Women-Friendly

The American media's latest Chinese poster boy

It's that time of year again when the American media fawns over some "rising star" in the Chinese government. Someone who doesn't fit our "preexisting idea of a Communist Chinese official," who "speaks accented but fully colloquial and very high-speed English," and who promises to be the first coming of the Chinese Christ.The person I am referring to above is last year's poster boy, Gao Xiqing,

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