New Year

Happy Lunar New Year



Where and How Koreans Celebrate New Year’s Eve


Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. Explore. Dream. Discover.

Getting excited about the New Year 2016? In case you are wondering where and how to celebrate the New Year’s Eve, we’ve selected the best of the best spots only, and the ways Koreans celebrate this wonderful day as well! So take a look, try visiting the actual places we’ve recommended here, and welcome in 2016 with your loved ones around you!

Trazy’s 5-Day Countdown Sale: Spend Less. Travel More in Korea

Hey, travelers! Want to spend less and travel more? Then, check this out. Here, we’ve shared the easiest way to save money on your travel expenses when traveling to South Korea!countdown salePsst, have you heard? Right now, Korea’s #1 travel guide,, is offering their Biggest-Sale-Ever ‘Trazy’s 5 Day Countdown Sale till 2016′ as a End-of-Year sale. Kicked off on Trazy’s Facebook page on December 27th, this Countdown Sale features Daily Deals with a limited time and will run until 31st!

Viewing 2015 Through the Lens of 2014

It’s about noon at the Dunphy house on the east coast of the USA, in sunny but chilly Middletown, New Jersey. Dad just put a small sausage pizza in his NuWave countertop oven and I am writing a blog about it. The pizza from ShopRite was 50% off, which means it will be even more delicious.

Meanwhile, back in Busan and Gimhae, South Korea, 2015 celebrations are well underway. And from here it feels like a dream. Or something long ago. Or something that hasn’t happened yet.

But, it’s something I’ll be back in the midst of in a few days after an 18-day sojourn over several seas. Thus, all the time, sleeping pills, early, early mornings and compromised digestive tracts will need to be calibrated anew. Shit. Maybe a poor choice of words.

A new year is dawning…

The Sajin 2013: Year in Review

604019_563277213683897_973174683_nIt has been a good year here at the Sajin Photo Blog. Over the past year I have worked to increase my presence on the web and work to gain a better grip on my photography career.

The past few years have always started with the Burns Night Charity Event. This is a huge event that does a lot of good in the Ulsan area. The 2013 event had the honour of the British Ambassador to Korea in attendance. Suffice to say that it was a successful event and the photos came out great. It is a big job handling all of the photos from the night but year by year, my workflow gets more streamlined to handle clients like this.

First Full Moon Festival


Seollal (Lunar New Year in SK)


2013 Goals


2012 was an exciting year for me and I hope that 2013 will hold as many surprises and adventures.

To start with, at the beginning of 2012 I stupidly decided to set myself 52 goals to achieve rather than give myself resolutions. Unsurprisingly, I didn't achieve them all, but I managed to do over half, by which time I'd totally forgotten about these 52 things I was supposed to be doing, and did them without thinking.

Some of the goals included:

Japan: Tokyo

We'd booked to catch the overnight bus from Osaka to Tokyo, which took about 12 hours. We were a little bleary eyed that day as it was New Years Day, so it was a good job that we decided to leave the hotel at 12 to try and find the spot where the bus would leave from at 9:30 that night. The information that we were given is that it would leave from Kansai University Hospital, and the man in the hotel gave us plenty of information on how to get there.

A couple of trains later and we were in what felt like a post apocalyptic movie, where the only person who had survived was the station master. The streets were dead and all of the small shops were shuttered. The station master pointed straight ahead for the hospital, and as we looked at the maps we realised that it was a small village just filled with university hospitals. The bus left from outside the Family Mart, but try as we may we couldn't find one anywhere.

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