New Jersey

Viewing 2015 Through the Lens of 2014

It’s about noon at the Dunphy house on the east coast of the USA, in sunny but chilly Middletown, New Jersey. Dad just put a small sausage pizza in his NuWave countertop oven and I am writing a blog about it. The pizza from ShopRite was 50% off, which means it will be even more delicious.

Meanwhile, back in Busan and Gimhae, South Korea, 2015 celebrations are well underway. And from here it feels like a dream. Or something long ago. Or something that hasn’t happened yet.

But, it’s something I’ll be back in the midst of in a few days after an 18-day sojourn over several seas. Thus, all the time, sleeping pills, early, early mornings and compromised digestive tracts will need to be calibrated anew. Shit. Maybe a poor choice of words.

Why Repeat Myself?

This post, from August 2009, sums up how I am feeling tonight, at a point in this new adventure where I can begin to use hours instead of days to countdown:

No matter how hard you try, you won’t get to see everyone, do everything and be everywhere you want to be before you leave. So, just let it all go.
I got to hang out with family tonight for a couple hours. It will probably be the last time I see my dad, sister and one of my brothers before I leave, as Monday is going to be jam packed and Tuesday we’re getting up at 6 a.m. I had made plans last week to see a couple of (now-former) co-workers that did not materialize. Rescheduled for tomorrow, that unfortunately got demoted. It just happens.

It’s Neat Having International Friends


O’Hara’s Downtown in Jersey City. One of the last photos taken on my Patch-issued iPhone, before they remembered I stopped working there on Friday and shut it down.

Matt, far left, has been one of my closest friends since 1994. And, for something like 8 years, he has taught in Myanmar, Taiwan and, most recently, The Congo. That first and third one are particularly noteworthy, considering the isolation and unknown nature of them. I think it’s pretty inspiring, especially since I am now less than one week away from my return to South Korea.

KB Weddings: Haime & Michael

Deputy Mayor Jason Kim Plays a Significant Role in Palisades Park

55-year-old Jason Kim was a first at many accomplishments; in 1994, he was the first Korean American school board trustee and, in 2004, was the first Korean American councilman. Recently, he took another step up and was elected as deputy mayor of Palisades Park, New Jersey.

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