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Life is So Cool: All-Night Hiking on Yong-do

Friday night, deep into Saturday morning, I experienced one of the most beautiful adventures of my life, testing myself, my strength and my ability to function on very little sleep, all while making several new friends. And, it almost didn’t happen because I stayed out late the night before.

The awesome Busan Daytrippers group organized an all-night hike on Yong-do. The plan was to arrive and begin hiking on the island shortly before midnight. We would scale three mountains slowly over five and a half hours, arriving at one of the peaks to view the sunrise at 5:30 a.m.

I had heard about this a couple weeks ago but didn’t seriously consider it until just a few days before. The thought of staying up all night seemed impossible. But, it also seemed too interesting to resist.

new traditions

Let's hop on a boat and head into town stopping at ancient temples along the way, with a colorful group of new friends and watch the spectacular fireworks over the Bangkok skylne from the best seat in the city. Sounds like a NYE that will not soon be forgotten.

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