Naver Comments related to CNN's The Problem with Being Gay in South Korea

CNN just released an article on being gay in South Korea, which has also been posted on Naver news in Korean.

The story focuses on Micky Kim, a gay Korean who has hidden his identity for years in South Korea, who says that attitudes in SK cause homosexuality to be treated like a foreign issue. The article then looks at a Pew Research study, that shows an increase in acceptance of being gay, but still relatively low levels compared to other developed countries. The article finishes with mentioning the fierce opposition to the pride parade in June.

"Oink, Oink": That's Chinese for "Welcome!" Citizenry backs government quarantine of Mexicans

The Chinese government has been catching flack from the international community in recent days over its decision to quarantine Mexican nationals in China over Swine Flu concerns.But the typical Chinese citizen thinks they are doing a grand job with those "devious" Mexicans.The quarantines have been anything by cordial. According to the Mexican ambassador, in one instance a family with three small

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