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I Got Published and Look What Happened!!

There have been many examples of photos that have changed the lives of the photographers that have taken them. We all know Nick Ut’s photo of the “Napalm Girl” and how it changed his life. There are many examples of these kinds of life changing photos. However, there are many more people trying trying to catch their big break and hoping that at least one photo will catapult them into stardom. That is why you see people sharing photos to every site imaginable. They (me) pepper facebook and Google Plus  with what they think is award-winning photo. Only to have our friends cheer us on and our mother’s tell us that we should be published in National Geographic.

The Beautiful Days National Geographic Exhibition

National Geographic Exhibition

One of the rare treats that we get here in Ulsan is that every once in a while the National Geographic  Exhibition comes through town. This is a really great show as you get to see the beauty of nature through the lenses of some of National Geographic’s best photographers.

For me, it is a chance to gain inspiration. I am not one to shoot birds or animals but there is a whole section for landscape images that was really impressive. Some of the photos have been recycled from previous exhibitions but overall there are some very stunning images to be seen and of course no photography is allowed in the exhibit.

The Sajin 2013: Year in Review

604019_563277213683897_973174683_nIt has been a good year here at the Sajin Photo Blog. Over the past year I have worked to increase my presence on the web and work to gain a better grip on my photography career.

The past few years have always started with the Burns Night Charity Event. This is a huge event that does a lot of good in the Ulsan area. The 2013 event had the honour of the British Ambassador to Korea in attendance. Suffice to say that it was a successful event and the photos came out great. It is a big job handling all of the photos from the night but year by year, my workflow gets more streamlined to handle clients like this.

What Motivates You To Write?

It’s probably a little cliché to write about what makes me want to be a writer. If you ever happen upon any websites that promote writing and offer advice on becoming a writer, you’ll probably not struggle to find a page of quotations about why such-and-such a writer writes, as well as a long list of links or articles about why people write, and all of them essentially say the same thing. They write because writing is just something they have to do. I would share the same sentiments.

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