Blood G in Jongno

Saturday night, I went to Blood G in Jongno with a friend. We had read about it on Discovering Korea's Seoul’s 12 Best Gay Bars in Jongno. I have to say I was a bit disappointed.

Bar Opening: 18 Centimeter

On the 15th, 18 Centimeter opened in Jongno. I haven't had a chance to visit yet, but since the weekend's events were very ordinary this week (Backroom Underwear Party at Uniq and Circuit's parties) I thought it'd be better to introduce something new.

Top 10 Things to Do in Queer Seoul

1) Hit up Homo Hill. What better way to celebrate queerness than the biggest gay party area in Seoul? Hit up Hill staples like Soho and Queen before clubbing at Pulse until the sun rises.

Bar Shortbus

Before going to Gation Party last weekend, we pre-gamed a bit at Shortbus (well, it may have been 2 차 pre-gaming, but no need to count drinks). Shortbus is a pseudo-establishment in the Jongno area. I went there way back in 2009, but decided to check it out again after seeing it listed on Seoul’s 12 Best Gay Bars in Jongno. The atmosphere was fine, but I wasn't particularly pleased with my drink.

Another Gay Weekend 3/22~3/25

If you are looking to party this weekend, you have a couple of choices.

Friday night, Circuit is having another Animal party. Honestly, it pretty much looks like the same old Circuit stuff.

Queer Events This Weekend

Not much going on this weekend, but there is an underwear party at Uniq.

If that isn't your thing (what's wrong with you?) you could check out GQ Bar's Diva Party on Saturday. If you get there early, there is free tequila until 11 pm.

Christmas Weekend Events in Queer Seoul

Happy Holidays! All sorts of things will be happening for a gay Christmas in Seoul. Christmas is a holiday with your lover in Korea, so its alright to go out and get smashed at the club. And Seoul has given you some choices.
Want some bear action? GQ Bar in Jongno has a bunch of events. 15,000 won for all you can drink cocktails on Friday (But just for an hour? Way to encourage binge drinking). On Saturday, you can be the queen of games, including Bingo and Anipang (really?). On Christmas Eve, there will also be a Romantic Christmas bingo game with various prizes.

Back to the 90s Itaewon Party

Although this party is nostalgic for 1990s Itaewon, it is actually being held in Jongno at GQ Bar. Maybe all those bears are missing the days they could hit the circuit in Itaewon. How often do you find bears on Homo Hill?

The music is going to be pretty nostalgic. There will be Gangnam Style the Macarena. And Madonna, Cher, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, etc. What a gay party.

Bar Review: Monster

I went to Monster over the weekend, which is the newest bar in the Jongno area. Karaoke and beer fans will like this place.

Monster is a self-bar -- grab your own beers, bring your own snacks, and save a lot of money. With domestic beers starting at 2500 won, Monster will not bankrupt you. I'm a big fan of self-bars and pretty happy that I can do self-bars in gay Seoul now. They also have a good karaoke selection with both Korean and Western hits.

Bar Opening: Monster

This Friday, November 30th, a new bar will be opening in the Nagwon dong neighborhood. It is a self bar, which means grab your beer for yourself and save some money. Korean beers start at 2500 won and imports are 7900 won. Free side dishes and karaoke will probably make for a good night.

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