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Nampodong's Christmas Extravaganza!

Last night, Jeff, Aaron, Ashley, Adam, Grace and I all met up in Nampodong for dinner at our favorite cheese bi bim bap restaurant, a quick stop at Starbucks, and a nice stroll down Gwangbok-ro to see the Christmas lights!

I always love Christmas time in Nampodong!  It seems like the only place in Busan that comes close to mimicking the outlandish Christmas decorating that happens in America!  It definitely has it's own little Korean flare, but I love it none the less!

Roasted Tomato Soup!

During the afternoons at work, Aaron or I will always message the other asking, "What should we make for dinner tonight?"  Just like clockwork, the same conversation happened this afternoon and Aaron asked what I thought of this recipe for roasted tomato soup!  I obviously had absolutely no hesitation, especially since I'd never had tomato soup!  Yay for firsts!
Aaron got right to work on the tomatoes when he got home (while I visited a car rental place to see if we could rent a car for Aaron's birthday weekend next weekend. Sadly, they said no to me because I'm not Korean.

Getting creative during the freeze!

Korea's winter freeze has definitely set in and the days of hanging out outside after work have quickly fled! With the change in weather has come a change in entertainment around the Osteen abode!  Our shopping in the markets, hiking in the mountains and photo walks around the neighborhood have been replaced by nightly games of Jin Rummy
(which, as you can see, I sometime dominate) ...
... and Christmas movies!  We've begun a new tradition in our first year of marriage, to...

Wine, Cheese, Photography & Friends!

Last night, Aaron and I met up with seven of our friends at the Go Eun Museum of Photography in Haeundae for a night full of French red wine, delicious cheese, fancy finger foods and photography!  Our friend Juhye took a french class last year and found out about this event, Beaujolais Nouveau, through her old French teacher.  The tickets were 25,000 won and covered unlimited wine and food from 7pm-10pm! We all had the best time, and may or may not have had a couple moments of swankiness while we mingled with artsy French people!

To: Jill, From: Aunt Barb!

I think it's fair to say that I have one of the most generous aunts out there!  
Today, she struck again, with a surprise package in the mail!  
Look at all that delicious caramel?!  Looks like I'll be making apples dipped in caramel for the next month!  Woot, woot!

Dead Battery = no photos

If you're like me, it's hard to sit and read something without pictures! So, let me just say up front, I'm sorry!  I brought my camera with me most of the weekend and kept forgetting that the battery was dead!  Oops.

Friday night, Aaron and I went to The Loving Hut for dinner in Seomyeon, then to H&M for a little shopping (I bought a gorgeous mustard coat with a fur collar. It was 50%! SCORE), then over to Lotte Casino for some roulette with Adam and Ashley!

Saturday morning was spent lounging around the apartment.  Aaahhhhh!

So thankful!

I have so much to be thankful this year - a great job, a cute little apartment to call home, fabulous co-teachers who are also great friends, a loving family back home, a sweet kitty, wonderful friends in Korea and the U.S., a supportive, adventurous, loving and handsome husband!!!!!, and a plane ticket that'll take me to Indonesia for a month and then home to the US in March!  Hallelujah! 

Oh, and I'm thankful for the delicious Thanksgiving feast that Aaron and I cooked up after work last night...

A friends and photos type of weekend!

Last weekend was full of friends and photography, two of my favorite things!  Friday started off with the school talent show, which I'll blog about later in the week. I somehow ended up with the role of the school yearbook photographer, so I had a front row seat this year for the show! Then at 2pm, the entire school staff (from principal all the way down to the maintenance crew) went on a hike along the coast, ending on top of a mountain with a gorgeous view of Yeongdo Island. 

This is all of the people who work at my school

2012 Asia Series Game!

The 2012 Asia Series kicked off this week, with the best baseball teams from all of the major Asian leagues, along with the winner from Australia, competing to see who's the BEST in Asia!  Our friend Jinho's sister gave him some FREE tickets to the game, so he invited Aaron, me, Gill, Sam, Crystal and his girlfriend Anne to go to the game today!  FREE baseball tickets with some of my favorite friends?! "YEP! I'm in!"  
Definitely don't have to ask this girl twice!

Vegan date night + McDonald's!

Last night, Aaron took me out on the town for dinner, shopping, and dessert!  Who ever said dating stops when you're married?!  I think it's actually even more important when you're married!  ...And more fun, too!

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