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There are times when I wish I could get a new computer, but I worry what I’d do with all that lost time. Now, I sit and I wait. I tap at my phone, which sometimes feels just as slow. There is a whine and and grind, and a flicker inside behind all the plastic tells me that something is eventually going to happen.

20 Positive Vibes

It’s not a time to be taking things for granted.

My youngest brother of four is in town for two weeks and antics are at large. Plenty of trips to traditional Korean spots such as E Mart and Starbucks have so far resulted.

+1 grows from strength to strength. She’s climbing, jumping, running, spinning, and aside from the constant exhaustion, she is nothing but a joy to watch and serioiusly addictive happy drug.

Full Passport... happy traveler!!

Can you believe that in 4 years of living abroad (plus that one summer I played around in Europe), I completely filled up an entire passport?!  This coming from the girl who lived in the same house for 21 years and spent every summer traveling to the glorious state of Alabama!  Yes, Alabama. Who knew I'd have the chance to hop around the world one day!  I am blessed... and my life has changed with each of these stamps!

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” 

The joy of giving!

So, about a week ago, I was reading a blog post written by a fellow American blogger named Kristi, who's living in Korea with her husband and two little boys. She and her sons had baked homemade sugar cookies for some of the local store owners where they regularly shop and went around with the boys handing them out as a small gesture to thank the workers for always loving on the boys and making her shopping experiences more fulfilling!  I loved the idea and told her I was gonna do it as well, as a farewell to some of my favorite people in the neighborhood!
So, last Friday, I baked about 40 sugar cookies, packaged them up in some clear gift wrap bags and tied them with some pretty ribbon.  Then, Aaron and I headed out into the neighborhood. We started by visiting the 24 hour family owned convenience store on our corner where "mom" and "dad" (as they ask me to call them), were working.  They always have 1 diet coke stocked just for ME because I asked them to carry it a  long long time ago!  They love when Aaron and I come in, which is about once a day, and always seem to show us off to any of their friends who happen to come in while we're there! It's pretty adorable and makes us feel really loved. 

So long, farewell.

This weekend was my last weekend in Korea and the last time I saw most of the foreign friends that I've made here.  Believe it or not, no tears were shed by this girl!  I'm just really blessed to have met great people and to have formed deep and meaningful relationships with them, so while we may never be in the same physical place again, we'll be in touch.

The longest to do list... ever!

I was an absolute tornado today, with my incredibly long to do list in hand, whipping through the city, getting stuff done and hanging with friends along the way!  I started the morning with a knock at my door from a guy who wanted to buy my iphone (and a fishing pole!

Our Korean themed Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  Since this is my and Aaron's last Valentine's Day in Korea, we decided I decided (let's be honest!) to make it a Korean themed V-day, which basically meant we'd probably wear matching clothes, spend a little time at a coffee shop, hang padlock's together on a love wall, have dinner out, decorate cupcakes together at a cake cafe and then eat said cupcakes while watching a romantic movie together!  Yep, that was the plan!  Fun, right?!  When I got home from work, Aaron handed me this beautiful bouquet of pink roses that he had picked up from his favorite florist on the island on his walk home from work!  Is there anything hotter than a grown man carrying flowers, ladies?! 

My 5th floor 친구's!

The co-workers on my floor at school asked me to bring my camera yesterday so we could get some group shots of all of us together before I leave Korea.  I obliged of course!  It's not often that Koreans ask to have their pictures taken you know?!  Gotta take advantage when the time comes! The 7 of us have gotten together every morning at 9:30am for the past year, to sip tea or coffee and hang out together before our 2nd classes of the day.  I really love these 6!

Shaky Shaky Earthquakey!

Aaron just experienced his very first earthquake! ... and in Korea of all places!
It was a little baby one, 3.5 magnitude and only lasted 10-15 seconds, but it was cool nonetheless!  We thought Maverick had jumped on the bed, but when we realized he was laying down on the other side of the room and our bed and walls were still shaking and neither of us were moving, we knew it was a shaker!  Fun, fun, fun!  
Happy Trembling - Tremorous - Tremulous Tuesday from Korea!blog-signature

3 more weekends!

It's Sunday night here now, which means I only have 3 more weekends left of living in Asia!  WHAT?!  I've been dead set on getting out of the apartment to see some of my favorite places in Busan one last time before we go!  So, Friday night Aaron and I went to a really cool makgeolli and pajung place in Seomyeon that had actual built in lofts (think bunk bed style) where you could climb a ladder and sit on the floor up above everyone else! Sadly our group was too big (Me, A, Stella, Chris, Ashley, Adam, Priscilla, Grace, Jeff, and JuhYe) so we got sat at a table in the back next to the piles of makgeolli bottles!  It's a good thing we don't NEED a built in loft to have a good time!   The pajung was to die for!

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