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Vlog Entry #4: The Apartment Tour

This video takes you on a guided tour of my apartment in Ulsan, South Korea! If you’d rather read about it, check out the written post here!

Liebster Award

back to the beach – BUSAN!

I had no problem hopping a plane from Boston to Korea in the middle of February to teach English in Korea. I love New England, but I have never been a fan of winter. I was born to swim and I live for summers at the beach, as short as they may be. As summer made it’s way to Korea I admit I was a bit homesick for NH beaches and my favorite summer spot, Martha’s Vineyard. I quickly reached out to my friends in Busan from Chungdahm Training and planned a beach weekend. Little did I know, the weekend happened to also be the Busan Sand Festival. Traveling to Busan was simple – I left my apartment early on Saturday morning and made my way into Seoul on the subway and then caught a KTX train to Busan. I was dipping my toes in the water by early afternoon and spent the rest of the day and evening at the beach catching up with friends and swimming as much as possible.



So sink-showers are something I have had to get used to…they are not that difficult to operate….I just tend to forget about the switch in the sink that moves the water pressure from the sink to the shower head. Taking a shower with the sink-shower is only different because there is no shower cubicle in the bathroom. The bathroom is the shower. You close the door and turn the shower on and water goes everywhere. I have to kind of lean my head back under the sink to rinse my hair…but other than that it’s pretty easy. The only problem I have had is forgetting to change the water back over to the regular sink. So, as you can see from the cartoon…if I go into the bathroom fully clothed to brush my teeth or wash my hands sometimes I surprise myself with a shower of water. Hopefully I will learn…but it was comforting to find this cartoon…at least I am not the only one.

Happy April Fools!

(although this is no joke)


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