Why are there more Asian Women with White Guys than Asian Guys with White Women?

I took issue with yet another of Ask a Korean's posts this week (he seems to be good ammunition for the Korea blogosphere at the moment), not so much because I disagreed totally with him but because of what he left out, which was important to say.

A Guide to Understanding Korean (School) Culture for Guest English Teachers

Editor’s Note from Jeff: This was written by a Korean elementary school teacher as an assignment for my Cross-Cultural Communication course. The task was to “prepare a guide for improving cross-cultural communication and interactions in your workplace”.  Since many Guest English Teachers will be starting school this week, I thought it was the right time to publish this. Hopefully, it will encourage a useful discussion about how Korean Teachers and Guest English Teachers can work together to create a positive learning/working environment.   Thanks very much to Jessi for agreeing to post this here.

ISKA- International Spouses of Koreans Association

The International Spouses of Koreans Association (ISKA) is a network of foreign spouses of Koreans who are living in Korea and overseas. Founded in Seoul in 2000, membership comes from many countries and nationalities in Asia, North and South America,
Europe, Australia/New Zealand, and Africa. ISKA is the link to find support and friendship among Korea's multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural families. Website: 

다문화 in 대한민국? (My Piece on Multiculturalism)

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