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Seoul Living and Design Fair



While riding the metro one morning I happened to spot a banner for a the 2012 Seoul Living Design Fair over at the large Coex Mall, which is a place most awesome expos are held here ♥ This years theme was “Art at Home”

hemorrhoid deerp face

Hemorrhoids? Constipation?

From now on don’t hold it in, come in for a consultation.

Basic translation of the GIANT SIGN they had posted in the metro the other day to promote a medical center in Seoul haha.

I just love the look on her face… its confused, upset, and intrigued at the same time. Just like we all are when we get hemorrhoids….YUP.

Batman’s #1 fan

While shopping for some vintage toys online I cam across this amusing Korean Batman puzzle for about 9,000won ($9)

Yes that is batman, maybe joker…not sure who the green guy is.  Wait a sec tho, who the heck is the anime girl in the front???

haha it looks like she is swooning over Batman and he is about to attack her face.

Best puzzle ever, thanks Korea.

In case you are wondering, it does say “Batman” in Korean.

Chicken Boo

Saw this large standing banner for a chicken place in Hongdae.

Immediately thought about Chicken Boo from Animaniacs.

Sexy Donald Duck

For only 5,000 Won you can have a sexy Donald Duck shirt~ Oh-lalala♥

Spotted in Gaangnam station

Food Fighter

Well now we know how Chun Li gets her legs so huge.  The interior art was not street fighter themed, but still very amusing! I kinda wanna go back and buy this book haha

Strive for your fresh

Came upon this amusing banner for a gym the other day. Konglish in action.. the kind that makes you just go “whaaa?”

Sounds like a mint gum slogan… not someplace you are going to get all sweaty (-_-;)

Potty Time

Well hello random strange Noraebang 노래방 potty.

and here is another one at a cafe in Hongdae!

Cute Korean Keyboard

One thing I love to make cute is my electronics!  Sometimes its possible to find pretty colored laptops or get computer desktops made with adorable shells at the electronics market, but unless I want to pay through the teeth~ usually I’m stuck with black.  I had to leave my large desktop setup back in the states, so after moving I needed to grab a laptop for semi low cost that would get the job done for me while I lived here.  Of course I got stuck with poopy black/grey since white or pink was wither insanely expensive or did not have the power that I needed to run my software. BAH!  What is a cheap way to make my laptop cute???

Double D cup in Seoul

Oh Dunkin Doughnuts, I SEE WHAT YOU DID THAR.

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