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Seoul Modern Art Show

So Nara and I got gifted some VIP tickets to the Seoul Modern Art Show last month~  Since we love art and YO ACCESS TO VIP ROOM♥ we decided to stop by and check out the show since I am on the hunt for fun Korean Artists to share.

♥ ♥ ENTER! ♥ ♥

You may get hurt from very dynamic adventure

Amusing sign before coaster ride at Lotte World theme park.

Half the signs in the park yell at me to stretch before rides… do people really cramp up?

How about you warn me to keep my arms and legs in the ride at all times instead? If they are all stretched and nimble it will not do me much good when one gets clopped off because I’m flailing around in the coaster. lol

Why does Lotte world have so much Konglish even though its a major theme-park in Seoul? Lol seriously… hire a teacher down the road to fix that.

Korean Doodle Sign Spotting

Ok Nara thinks I am a bit weird because I take photos of these, but I love looking at the hand-drawn signs you see outside shops and cafes! Maybe it is because I am an artist, but yeah… just seeing the shops doodles on boards is really amusing for me ♥  I notice lots of them here in Korea of course, so I wanted to share some of them with you… maybe someone else likes looking at these as well? ^^; maybe?

 I will add to this post as I find new signs, newest at the top!

Rainbow Fish

Spotted these rainbow fish at E-mart the other day!  I would love to have a tank of these little guys in my room ♥

Blings Dolls ♥ 블링즈

Looking for a super cute Korean Doll? Meet the 블링즈 ♥ Blings Girls!

Blings Girls are a doll line from Seol toys~ featuring adorable anthropomorphic animal baby girls!

This line is not as large as Seol’s popular Ddung doll, but it is produced the same and the quality is top notch as usual with Seol toys~ many elements on each doll are made or finished off by hand.

English, You will make it do the things


“We all have our own ability. The difference is how we use it If it’s your limit, you can’t exceed it; If you exceed it, it’s not your limit”

This lovely WTF konglish comes from my friend Tara down in Changwon, its a snap-shot of a school notebook here lmao

the 0dd English + spacing mixed with the odd photos is perfect.  Actually, I see more funny konglish/engrish that come from weird spacing/line breaks of stuff on things like this VS just crazy English like the 1990′s here. Is that an improvement?

Drunken Baby – Korean online shop + LOL Korea Feature

What do you think of when you hear the words”Drunken Baby“? How about adult-style trendy fashion for toddlers?


Behold~ The online shop Ddongke aka “Drunken Baby” as it proudly plasters the phrase in English on almost every image. 

Daiso + Mart + Misc Hauls in Korea

This post will be updated with haul pics from my shopping adventures here in Korea!  Hope you will enjoy these ♥  I will update this post as I have new pictures to share~ newest will be at the top!

This week I stopped in to Daiso around Sillim and found a ton of adorable plastic frames in pastel colors for about 1,000-2,000원, a cute pop-up book stand for my magazines 2,000원, yummy strawberry candle 1,000원, 6 bottles of “organic farm” Korean nail polish, and a bottle of Chicka Pika gum candy… because I looove it (*_*)  I still need to find art for the frames, but WOW the nail polish at Daiso is AMAZING guys~ it looks so nice on!  Going back for the other colors ♥

You have died of dysentery




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