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Asuka-ish Bar Mural

Nipples AND camel toe in a single giant wall mural? Oh you spoil me Korea!

This is part of a weird mural in the hallway of a random bar building in Sillim.  Anyone that knows the Anime Neon Genesis Evangelion should get the same familiar feeling I did when I saw this.  I’m sure the pose is copied too, but the dress is totally Asuka’s famous yellow sun dress…. actually since the painting has a red jacket on it I wonder if the pose is copied from Misato with Ritsuko’s hair or something.  AH I AM A NERD.

Seoul Living Design Fair “Last Beauty” Mock Funeral

Early this year Korea held its annual Seoul Living Design Fair which I attended and blogged about right HERE a while back. One display in the sea of modern furniture and art deserved its own post though, and that was the installation work of Lee Sang-ill titled “Last Beauty” which was an amazing view of his dream funeral.

Advanced Stand-Alone Space

Advanced Stand-Alone Space

Saw this poster for private party rooms.  These are common in many areas here in Korea, they are just little individual rooms for you and your friends or date to drink and mingle!  Some are host club situations with ladies waiting to join you (for a price), but some are not.  I don’t think this actually was a service girl host bar, but they sure made it sound like something sketchy with the Konglish.

Meet Choo Choo Cats ♥ The Cutest Cats in Korea

If you love kitties dancing in fantasy worlds filled with flowers and pearls~ Well let me introduce you to the extremely popular and my absolute favorite Korean brand Choo Choo Cats!! Often called simply 츄츄!

Cute Cupcake Tissue Case!

My Cousin gifted me this really cute cupcake tissue case the other day for my apartment in Seoul ! Tissues are always on hand around here VS napkins, so having a few boxes around the house is a good idea ♥ The pics above are what I sent her via kakao talk after I got it! ^^ They also sent me the apron I am wearing.

Pretty Flowers

I forgot to post these from April~  but check out the beautiful flower arrangement Nara had delivered to me for my Birthday!!  Korean flower arrangements are so beautiful compared to the ones back home~

So much color!!!  It cheered me up a lot since I get lonely here when it is my Birthday~

The arrangement was fairly large, so I was able to split it up into 3 vases around my room.

The Little Prince~ Glib Doll Exhibit ★彡

The Korean internet is really confusing if you are not used to it… its like swimming through a sea of blogs with id log-ins and maybe finding what you want. UGH. I am only just now getting a folder together of sites to creep on for fun things and events that are to my taste.

Of course, I ran into this amazing doll show that I OF COURSE MISSED by a few weeks. Thankfully I managed to find some images online from it, so we can enjoy them together!

The best CVS in the world

The best CVS in the world is a 7-11 you say?

Maybe just the best in Korea.

(From my friend Tara in Changwon ♥)

Global Starcraft II League★ MVP VS SQUIRTLE

 So Korea LOVES the game Starcraft, did you know? Korea = Kimchi, K-pop, and Starcraft.

How to live WHITE

How? I dunno… I hear you need something like a 401K, Mini van, and terrible dancing skills. Right?

This is apparently a slogan to promote the new white version of this phone. OKAAAAAY~

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