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Cocks in Korea

Well that sounds DELIGHTFUL!

Yay cocks!

Cute Slipper Shopping in Korea

Slippers are a must in Korea since you have to take your shoes off when you enter a home~ you could use some ugly old simple slippers, but why not use something a bit cuter?? Here are some of my favorites! ♥  Keep in mind, Koreans often have a pair for the house, an extra cheap pair or two for guests, a plastic pair in the bathroom, and often a plastic pair for the patio area if you are lucky enough to have one of those!

♥ ♥ ♥

BTW~ Totally not just me leaving out other animals, but so many slippers in Korea seem to have just cats (usually black) or bunnies on them if it is a critter!

Dino Party Lego Gift at Baskin Robbins

Hopefully some of you remember my big post about the special flavor Baskin Robbins Korea had in May, Dino Party!  If you do not, you can check out the full article about the cakes and creamy green apple flavor with tiny dino gummies mixed in right HERE

Japanese Cocoa with Korean Kitty Goodies

This week I bought a new really cute kitty mug and some amazing Japanese hot cocoa mix from the store. Since it was imported it was not cheap, so I kept my fingers crossed that it would be yummy!  I really like hot cocoa (yeah I know it is summer, I like ice choco milk too! lol) but here in Korea most of the shops make it all watery and gross.

Ice Cream Double Cone Stack Game

Lets play “Ice Cream Double Cone Stack Game”~ a super cute Korean game!

The game is very straight-forward, simply take turns stacking plastic ice cream scoops till someone knocks it down!

Pretty Graffiti of Hongdae

The Graffiti in Korea is an interesting mix usually of American (seems like west-coast) urban graffiti from the 90′s, pop art, and a twist of cute+ crude humor that is distinctly Korean.  Hongdae is known for its graffiti which is scattered around the area and sprawls out to large murals covering whole building sides with beautiful detail usually in a whimsical, yet urban style.

♥ ♥ ♥

Daiso Haul~ Pretty Plates!

New Daiso Haul this week~  I picked up a few pretty new floral plates and some plastic forks!  I have not bought any forks for my apartment even though I have lived here over a year now, Koreans mainly use spoons and chopsticks so forks are kinda “fancy” and a bit pricy at most stores… sold as single pieces usually so I never bothered.  Now I have a nice pack of cheap pastel ones though…lets see if I even use them! haha

What happened last night…

Most bus stops around schools have paintings on the wall of kids playing or cute animals.  This one is around 신대방 station and had a bunch of boys playing old games like marbles and.. er…this just looks kinda wrong. Human Centipede?

Meet the Cats of Jetoy~ Choo Choo Cats Inspiration!

Naturally the studio Jetoy behind the famous line of Choo Choo Cat products here in Korea MUST like cats, right?  That would be correct!

♥ ♥ ♥

At first I thought these cuties were studio/office cats, but judging by the photos these are the artists/designers personal cats ♥  Having Cats as pets is still kind of a new thing here in Korea with the younger generation, so it is not often you see someone own several like this! I wish I could just bring home kittens for “work” or”inspiration” hehe~

Kitty Shopping in Korea~ Meet “Milk”


Meet my new baby boy “Milk”!!

Nara and I are engaged, but here in Korea we cant live together so it gets really lonely in my apartment + I don’t have much of a social life here sadly…… I really want to get a dog and was sighing about it a lot this spring, but I have to come and go a lot so it is a bit too much for me at this time so I decided to hold back.

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