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귀여워 X かわいい ♥ Korea x Japan International Exchange!!

Have you checked out my sister blog Rainbowholic on the side bar before? You should!  Kaila is an amazingly fun girl from the Philippines currently living in Japan and sharing her adventures with the internet, and yes~ they are extremely cute!  Recently we decided to do a sort of “International Kawaii Exchange” of cute items from each of our countries ♥

귀여워 X かわいい Exchange!

Dorothy 도로시♥ Fancy Pet Clothing Store in Hongdae

Ah yes, who does not love dressing up our animal friends in pretty outfits?  Korea LOVES  dressing up pets, while in the states you only saw a few outfits once and a while, here in Seoul the majority of pets have on at least some cute shirt or outfit when they are out for a walk. I see just about anyone doing this too~  from business suited men, little old ladies, teenage girls, to high school boys walking with a dog on a leash in some sort of pretty shirt.

Old-school toys and treasures at the 문방구

Birdie Buddy on Seoul Metro

The other day on the Seoul Metro we had an unusual passenger join us!  At first I thought it was a toy, but then I realized the girl quietly standing by the doorway had a pretty little bird with her!  I think he is a Peachface Lovebird? So cute!

She had him on the cutest little backpack-looking leash, but here is the best part…..

Cat Cafe ♥ Cat’s Attic in Hongdae

The other day we had our lovely friend Jessica visiting Seoul from LA on business for the weekend ♥  Thankfully she had a bit of free time and really wanted to check out a Korean Cat Cafe, so we were happy to take her to one ^^  actually, Nara and I had not stopped by a Cat Cafe since we bought our kitty “Milk”, so we were way past due for a visit.

Card Capter ♥ Super Cute Doll Expo in Korea

Sorry in advance~ these photos are from a few months ago before I got my camera^^;

Since they are just cell phone pics the quality is hit or miss!

A early this summer Nara and I happened to stumble upon a BJD Doll Expo here in Korea while we were attending another event!  Sadly we only had maybe 40 min before the expo closed so I could only snap a few cellphone photos, but the next large expo will be taking place this month and I will be attending!

Foreign Lolita Meetup in Seoul ♥

So after having a lovely time at the Korean Lolita meetup early this Summer, I was excited to attend some more events and wear pretty dresses again! The always lovely and cheerful Haenuli decided to put together a meetup this month just for English-speaking/Foreign Lolitas living and visiting Korea this time around, so I was very happy to get an invite!

♥ ♥ ♥

Seoul Handmade Fair @ Coex Mall

Time for another expo at Coex Mall in Korea!  Coex has several expo halls and every weekend a new event comes in so I try to keep an eye out for the interesting ones because it is a nice thing to do on Sunday date sometimes ♥ This July they had an event called the “Handmade Fair” and after checking out the events facebook page I knew I wanted to attend because it was all sorts of crafty cuteness~ etsy style fun!

Lovely Lolita Tea Party in Korea

Recently I was able to attend a Lolita meetup here in Seoul after meeting some very kind Korean Lolitas through the EGL livejournal! They have these meetups a little randomly, so unless you are a lurker of the Korean Lolita Naver cafe, they are easy to miss!

♥ ♥ ♥

Apartment Bunny in Korea

Nara’s apartment has a bunny on the top floor garden!!  One day he had gone up to make a phone call and sat down on the ledge of the small grass/bush area his apartment has on one of the higher floors, it is always pretty empty up there and nobody really uses it except to smoke or dry clothing.  From the corner of his eye he saw the bushes start to rustle like crazy and jumped back when a cute little bunny popped out and hopped right over to him!!

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