No Joy over Sri Lanka's Peace

To their credit, Mark Leon Goldberg and Matthew Lee spread blame around liberally for the human rights debacle in Sri Lanka. I'll stipulate the LTTE is - was? - an odious organization. Yet, even more disgusting is an opinion like this:In the past 19 years, we have seen Fujimori finally put down the [...]

Now, Europe Is Interesting

The Somali [Coast Guard's} exploits have not just been that interesting until now. The [freedom fighters] receive their information by satellite phone and use sophisticated equipment to locate their targets, Cadena Ser said. The intelligence report also said that the [rowdy marines] seem to avoid attacks on ships of some nationalities, including British ships. It listed several attacks [...]

Talking About The Godfather and IR

I actually watched The Godfather again last night after listening to this diavlog between Eli Lake and John Hulsman. I've always admired Michael's loyalty and strength and Santino's brotherly concern for his sister. I did not like Tom, whose character seems to devolve from the Woltz episode to the end - and through to [...]

Beijing Complicates Non-Proliferation Campaign

Even more noteworthy than any discussion of nuclear non-proliferation in the Independent Task Force on U.S. Nuclear Weapons Policy report is the jarring topic of PRC's nuclear arsenal. In a CFR conference call with General Brent Scowcroft, moderator Charles D. Ferguson downplays how American policy on Russia and PRC operate on two different tracks.We also [...]

Pyongyang In Oceania

On the one hand, Australia’s crackerjack fit with the Chinese economy is reshaping Australia’s trade and investment flows, drawing the country into a China-centred Asian orbit. On the other, Australia’s security hangs on America’s continued presence in the western Pacific. A long-awaited defence white paper that is soon to appear is expected to recommend heavily [...]

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