Daegu Confirms First MERS Patient



Originally published by Korea Medical Hub


MERS virus outbreak in Daegu was reported on June 16. According to the Daegu city authority, a 52 year-old man had fever and his specimen was examined two times by Daegu Research Institute of Public Health & Environment and Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Both results out of these facilities said positive to MERS-CoV.

South Korea’s CARS Epidemic Enters Fourth Decade

A Yangpa News Special Report

SEOUL – The OECD has announced that 5,869 South Koreans died of CARS in 2014, which marks the 30th consecutive year that the number of fatalities from the epidemic has topped the 5,000 mark.

New Findings & Questions on MERS Virus in South Korea



Originally published by Korea Medical Hub

With the number of MERS-infected patients increasing in South Korea, some of the general opinion on Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) are becoming doubtable. It’s been confirmed that the type of MERS virus in Korea is same with the one in Middle East Region. However, MERS virus seems to spread beyond Korean authority’s expectation due to Korean own hospital culture and environmental features.

  This posting is all about some new findings or doubts on MERS virus so far in South Korea. It will be helpful to read '10 things you must know about MERS Infographic' published by the Ministry of Health & Welfare on 4 June. 

Moving Route of Busan's Second MERS Patient (Mr. Lee) Revealed



Originally published by Korea Medical Hub

Summary of Busan's second MERS Patient (Mr. Lee)

Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul First MERS Outbreak

Originally published by Korea Medical Hub

Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul First MERS Outbreak

Korean Doctors Placed Under Self-quarantine for MERS Contagion Visit the Philippines

As South Korea reinforces measures to contain the spread of MERS across the country, the number of fatalities and MERS cases continue to arise. As of today, the number of those infected has climbed to 87, and 2,361 people suspected of MERS have been quarantined. The death of another patient,who was being treated for pneumonia at a hospital in Daejeon before he contracted the virus, was announced this morning, bringing the total death toll to 6. As if the situation could not get any worse, a highschool student, who was admitted to a hospital in Seoul for an unidentified illness and had undergone surgery, was later diagnosed with MERS.

MERScation Continues: Sunday on Daecheon Beach

As I mentioned in the previous post, the MERS scare has caused a beautiful rarity for us teachers in Cheonan: SCHOOL HAS BEEN CANCELED! Most of us are experiencing a glorious four to five day weekend.

In celebration of this vacation, I went to Daecheon Beach with a group of twelve foreign teachers and one native Korean. Daecheon Beach is about an hour away from Cheonan via Korail. Korail is basically like America’s Amtrak, but with nicer, velvety seats. I spent the short trip gazing out the window at rice paddies, which was a relaxing and fun activity in and of itself.

Once we got to Daecheon, a new friend introduced me to the best goddamn food on the planet: dakgangjeong. Dakgangjeong is wonderful chicken with a peanutty flavor. 




Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome is alive in South Korea! Looks like this lurking deadly virus and I decided to arrive in Korea around the same time. MERS has a 40% fatality rate, which isn’t at all comforting, and some of the confirmed cases are in Cheonan where I live.

Consequently, very few students showed up to school yesterday and those that did all had on little masks with little cats or rabbits printed on them. My last class yesterday had three students, and the four of us were all slaphappy and giggly about the upcoming four day weekend. Felt like the day before Christmas break.

For today (Friday) and Monday, classes at the academy I teach at are CANCELLED. If you know what company I work for or know anything about South Korean hagwons, you will realize how rare and special the gem of a four day weekend is.  So far, it’s been great! Shopping! Potential Beach trips! And let’s not forget the deluge of hand sanitizer!

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