the matrix

Google Glass: You Are Already A Cyborg

Have you ever seen Koyaanisqatsi?

This isn’t the best pickup line, I’ll admit. Regardless, Koyaanisqatsi is this crazy “mondo movie” about how shit is fucked up. You can see it all in the first two frames of the film, if your media-addled consciousnesses crammed with the need for instant gratification can hang on through camera shots lasting far more than three seconds each: ancient, primitive people had everything right, but modern civilization is destroying the world. Okay, simple (or simplistic) enough. The director of this film, Godfrey Reggio, a former monk, said in an interview somewhere that this movie (and its sequels) are all about how evil doesn’t come dressed in the form of a monster or a two-horned devil, but instead as temptation: as flashy technology promising to make our lives easier.

Brawling With Old People

Ah, the boy—the boy! Today I took him out for a long walk along the river, and he acknowledged my commitment to the unending struggle to be a good parent by passing out within seconds of going outside. He missed a gaggle of ducks, an old man speedwalking backwards, plenty of old people playing around in the old people playground, and several old people who did not know the difference between right and left. There are signs all over the place, seriously everywhere, telling people to stay on the right, in Korean, English, and Chinese, but everyone still walks on the left.

Not to worry! I have developed a foolproof way of dealing with this. As opposed to getting the hell out of the way, which as a younger person I am supposed to do, according to Confucius (“When Old Man Come In, Young Man Get Fuck Out!”—Analects xii.22), I maintain my honor by just staring at my feet and pressing on at full speed.

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