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Stop Posting Your Photos Everywhere and Do This



Everyday I see the same photos posted over and over again. I see the same shot of the same temple posted in almost every one of my Facebook groups, on Flickr, 500px (which then gets reposted back to Facebook) and Google Plus. We have all done it, but the question that you should be asking yourself should be “is this really working?” I am going to take a stand and say “No, it is not working and you should just stop… NOW”

Online Social Networks in Korea - The right approach ?

Hello there!

I'm a man living in HC Andersens Denmark and being half Danish and half Faroese it means my other half hails from the Saga filled waters of the North Atlantic so already there you have an interesting mixture.

During the day I'm working as a Network Administrator. But after work at night things change :)

You see I harbour a genuine passion for the creative process, writing, painting, modelling creating computer games and software... I guess you name it and I am involved in some way or another in some creative project :).

I'm posting this because I hope some of you might be able to offer me some unique perspective "Korea wise".

You see I am in the process of having one of my childrens stories translated into Korean.

Let’s wrap this up?

Biking in Gyeongju, the Best Way to Spend Korean Memorial Day

Hi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in awhile, I’ve gotten super busy with social media marketing ever since my new post at Aclipse as International Marketing Assistant. Check out my blog posts here, and follow me on twitter at @arieldrosen for more Korea updates!

Anyway, Thursday was Korean Memorial Day, so everyone got off work! My friends and I decided to travel to Gyeongju to ride bikes and check out some historical sites. Gyeongju was the capital of Silla, an ancient Korean dynasty, (57 BC – 935 AD). There is also an amusement park there! But we’re saving that for another trip. It takes about an hour and half to drive there from Busan, but the drive was beautiful so no worries. Ok, here come the photos!

‘If Samsung Makes Makgeolli’

As strange as it sounds, CEO of Kooksoondang brewery Bae Jung-Ho wants just that. An article recently ran in the Korea Times about the need for more competition within the […]

Quick Hits: The True Origin of Pizza

(HT to Roboseyo via Twitter)


It’s about time someone did the legwork to finally put that snake Marco Polo in his place. Be sure to not miss this incredibly, 100% fact based, short documentary. I have to believe that the Italian government will stop at nothing to have it removed from the internet completely.

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