My hagwon (or “private academy”) went on a field trip to an...

Hong Kong trip 2013 is coming to a close. With that, some quick...

Hong Kong trip 2013 is coming to a close. With that, some quick trips for traveling with your mom (or dad or friend or partner or whomever) ALSO KNOWN AS how not to kill your travel companion.

My dad sent me an excellent care package from home. It’s not...

My dad sent me an excellent care package from home. It’s not anything I ever expected, but I am so grateful for my amazing dad. Sure, he sent me dried seaweed, but that’s just his funny sense of humor. I miss and love him every day.

With this, here are some ideas I have for an awesome care package for an American female teacher working in South Korea. In no particular order…

Top 10 Things to Do in Queer Seoul

1) Hit up Homo Hill. What better way to celebrate queerness than the biggest gay party area in Seoul? Hit up Hill staples like Soho and Queen before clubbing at Pulse until the sun rises.

The Strange McDonald’s Photo


A few years ago I saw a strange sight on my drive through the my new hometown of Ulsan. It was a brightly lit drive-through McDonald’s connected to a self-serve gas station. Both of which are fairly normal in the West but rare (at that time) in Korea. I stopped and snapped of a few shots for an HDR shot. I must admit that it was to be more or less something that I just wanted to point out to the local people in Ulsan. Little did I know that it was to make it’s rounds around the world.

From Morning Calm to the Rising Sun

In a little less than a week I will be in JAPAN!!  I'm really excited, and I devoted a big chunk of this past weekend getting ready and cleaning and making lots of lists.  I have also been doing some of my favorite things to do before a trip.

Books: Not only am I pouring over the guidebooks I've borrowed from friends (right now I have 2 Japan travel books and one Tokyo book),  but I've also decided what book to bring to read on the trip itself.  There's an awesome used English bookstore in my neighborhood called "Fully Booked" which is absolutely great (I'll devote a whole post to them later), but they had a few Murakami books on the shelves so I decided to be super nerdy and read "Kafka on the Shore" while traveling through Japan.  It was the first Murakami book I had ever read and one that I had passed on to other friends to read,  so I bought another copy and it worked out really well.  When I think of riding the trains through Japan, I think of Murakami.

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