Lee Myung-bak

‘Silenced’ Calls Out South Korea’s Lack of Severity Over Sex Crimes

Jeju Island Naval Base Construction Facing Strong Resistance

Quick Hits: There’s No Oil in Them Thar Hills and Some Interesting Photos.

Another week, another long blogging delay. It seems that there just plain isn’t anything interesting going on these days. Maybe just a hang-over from the Chuseok holiday but all is quiet on the eastern front, with no foreigners punching old people, missile launches or anything to get the bloggersphere going. Oh well, anyways in the spirit of putting words to paper (or screen) simply for the sake of doing it, here’s a couple of things which have caught my attention.

At least they got to see some of the beautiful Kurdish countryside (HT to ROKdrop.com)

S. Korean Ministry Attempting to Promote Unification with North

When Do We Call it the Mother-Of-All-Wars on Inflation?

Lots of Bluster, Unimpressive Results
Inflation continues in Korea, as expected. The Seoul Gyopo Guide suggested that the “war on inflation” declared by the Korean president was a pronouncement made far too late, and Korea faced a tenuous foreign exchange rate/interest rate/inflation conundrum. You cannot lag behind inflation, that isn’t how it works. Why? The reason is that in addition to the idea of actual inflation, there is the notion of expected inflation. In fact, one source of actual inflation in Korea, high energy prices (oil), has declined by over 10% over the past two months, as the Middle East tensions have been mitigated by the fear of a slowdown in global economic growth. However, expected inflation rages on, and as such, companies and people continue to fear inflation, which makes it a self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.

North Korea's business acumen and the South's Sunshine Policy

The proper way to beat your wife

Obama foolishly plays with fire on South Korean FTA

Last year I wrote ad-nauseam on my support for the FTA between the U.S. and South Korea --both here and in the mainstream press.It was then that I coined my now infamous line about the South Korean citizenry's opposition to the trade agreement: "The problem with democracy is that sometimes it works."I really didn't want to get into it the FTA debate again, but this headline in the Korea Times

South Korean Student Defects to the North

According to sources, a seventeen-year-old South Korean high school student has defected to North Korea. The sophomore student, Lee Sang-han, escaped in the early hours of the morning from his hotel, while on a one-day two-night class trip to China.South Korean Deunification Ministry official, Ahn Mei-eun, said that this is the first occurrence of a defection by a South Korean student to the

South Korean official charged with stupidity

In a page right out of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer's playbook for the cranial negligent, a Korean official on president Lee Myung-bak's staff has been charged with paying for sex on several occasions. He was busted by chance during a police sting."He was with a female employee at the massage parlor when we were conducting an undercover investigation," police said. "The shop operators said

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