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Collecting on Unpaid Debts

A few months ago, Groove started featuring Ask a Korean Lawyer.  Although the column mentions unfair dismissal, the collection process is generally similar for any judgment or debt.

Receiving Compensation for Unfair Dismissal

Determination of Employee Status and Contract Value

The last Korea Herald column just ran.  Not that I don't want to keep writing, but the biweekly deadline got to be a bit much with other commitments.  If you have a problem or a topic request, feel free to email, and I may be in other publications on a more irregular basis in the future.  Also look forward to some discussions of positive results for my clients on this blog and the legal bases for those in the near future.  

Determination of employee status and contract value

Termination, Cancer, and Disability

Question: My employer is not allowing a coworker to extend his contract because he has cancer. They told him this is the reason they don’t want him to work for them anymore.

Labor: Probation and Termination

Just before Chuseok the Korea Herald has ran another piece, this one a recently handled case.  Everybody have a happy extended holiday!

In the workplace, probation doesn’t mean no protection

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