One of my favorite Korean foods is spicy rice cake, or...

My hagwon (or “private academy”) went on a field trip to an...

Toothpaste is not spicy

I say this here so I don’t explode on a random Korean.

It really annoys me when I share American gum or toothpaste with a Korean and they say, “너무 매워요!” It really, really annoys me. Minty stuff is NOT spicy.

Maybe this is a cultural miscommunication which is completely my own fault and experience. Yet, whenever this happens, I want to slap the toothpaste or gum right out of their mouth. Wasting my amazing, minty American goods on them. Grr.

Koreans love TP. TP in the classroom, restaurant, kitchen, etc....

Koreans love TP. TP in the classroom, restaurant, kitchen, etc. Not even joking a little bit. It’s strange to me that it’s totally become second nature to look and ask for “tissue” when I would usually ask for a napkin.

In the moment

You know that moment after you’ve had a few dates with someone, and things are going really well?

Everything they do is cute and interesting. Every story they tell is new and gives you another dimension on how they’re wonderfully structured. They always smell good. They always feel good. They always taste good. They can easily say or do something that puts the biggest smile on your face.

That excited feeling you get when you see a message from them or when you lock eyes after a kiss. The eagerness you can’t contain before you know you’ll see them again. That nervousness that you don’t want to move too fast, well, not faster than them. You don’t worry about the future or about what obstacles may come. You don’t want anything, really. You just want to see that person one more time and continue the good feelings.

I wish I could always feel this way.

Something that I’ve had to get used to in Korea is the...

Something that I’ve had to get used to in Korea is the highly esthetics based culture. Pictured is a girl looking into a fairly large mirror to be casually carrying around. It’s not uncommon to see girls (and sometimes boys) staring at their appearance on public transit or in restaurants.

Maybe because I’m hyper aware of my age lately, but Korea has been making me feel really image conscious. I’m second guessing my clothes, hair, and even the darkness of my skin more than usual these days. I haven’t gone out and bought whitening creme (on purpose) yet, but there are definitely days when Korea makes me want to. Their idea of beauty always feels just out of grasp.

My student brought some craft toys called “매듭.” You...

My student brought some craft toys called “매듭.” You can tie plastic into knots for fun key chains or charms. I was obsessed with these when I was ten years old. We called them gimp and they were so much fun!

Just a rant, don't mind me

I’ve been teaching at my current school for a little over five months. I’ve never previously seen a student outside of class. Yet, of course, tonight, I see two of my students (brother and sister) and both of their parents while I was out grocery shopping.

Keep in mind that it is 91 degrees F at 9 PM. I looked and felt disgusting. I was wearing a wrinkly, sweaty dress with sneakers. My bangs were plastered to my forehead. Whatever hair that wasn’t in a messy bun was doing that weird fly-away thing. My glasses were probably askew. You want to tell me that it’s probably not as bad as I’m imagining, but I actually can’t accurately describe to you in words how bad I actually looked and felt.

And, of course, I was listened to NIN on full-blast on my ear-buds when I heard shouts of, “Stacy Teacher! Stacy Teacher!” The only words I could muster were, “Oh my gosh!” and my students’ names several times in a row.

Another game many of my girl students like to play is called 공기...

Another game many of my girl students like to play is called 공기 (gong-gi). There are a lot of variations of games with these items, but I find it equivalent to playing jacks (with the picking up of items).

Myra recommended visiting Seoul Grand Park. On a sunny day, I...

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