Korean Central News Agency

Starvation – A Small Price to Pay for North Korea’s Nuclear Program

In response to recent sanctions placed on North Korea by the UN Security Council, the Korean Central News Agency had this to say-

“The provokers will meet only merciless retaliatory blows.”

If North Korea’s bite were to match its bark, there would be considerable basis for concern.  Thankfully, it does not.

In Search of a Model Agency in Busan!

Hello! My name is Lyuba. I work as a model and photomodel. In Korea I'm studying in Keimyung University and I'd be glad to find here a part-time job in Busan if there're any model agencies. Advise me anybody where I should try to go if you know, please!)

What’s the Endgame? A Possible Future of North Korea

Sometimes when I stop and think about it, I realize how amazing it is that I live and go about my daily business undeterred and generally unaffected by living in a country within spitting distance of a neighbor who threatens relatively frequently to turn my adopted home into a “sea of fire” and whom it is (technically) still at war with. For those back in the States and others abroad in other countries, don’t worry about this fact as it’s nothing I am worried about, it’s all just something interesting to think about.

Is that an RPG launcher or are you just happy to see me?

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