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My K-Style Makeover at Jenny House in Cheongdam-dong

Over the past decade, Korea has gained a reputation for being one of the top beauty destinations of the world. Anyone who has strolled the streets of Seoul would probably agree that Koreans are some of the most beautiful, well put-together people on earth. It seems that just about everyone- including the men- has flawless skin, perfect hair and an impeccable sense of style. The world has come to realize this through the globalization of Korean dramas, movies and music and as a result, the Korean beauty business is booming, with global exports of the nation's innovative, multi-functional cosmetics increasing exponentially on a daily basis.

Sandara Park in the Philippines


Sandara Park in the Philippines


First Gay Marriage in South Korea Causes a Stir


“Jumong” in Person

17 Best Pinboards to follow on Pinterest if you love Korea


Pinterest is now the new social media tool in the league of Facebook, Flickr that can keep you hooked for minutes if not hours. And with so many users creating interesting pinboards it has become easier to explore, inspire, share and discover new aspects about your hobbies and interests. Since South Korea is in the list of must-visit places for lovers of Korean Culture it is obvious that one should follow some interesting pinboards about Korea.

Presenting below are the best 21 pinboards, which covers everything from Life in Korea, Places to Visit, K-Pop, Hallyu, Korean Fashion, Seoul and every other aspect of Korea. You can click the images below to view the pins (tip: right-click and select open in new window / tab).

Popular Romantic MV – Because I M A Girl – by K-POP Band KISS

Goo Hye Jin - Shin Hyun Joon


“Because I’m A Girl” is the song about a girl who feels betrayed by the one she loves. She hates him for leaving her after her surgery and sings about that. But he leaves her because he loves her immensely. This MV is about the sacrifice for the person you love.

This song features Goo Hye Jin (구혜진) and Shin Hyun Joon (신현준).

Goo Hye Jin who plays the femaled lead in this MV belongs to the K-Pop female trio band KISS. It was their first single, 여자 이니까 (Because I am a Girl) which brought them instant fame. This video went viral over the internet sending the song to the top of the charts and making it an immense hit in 2002. There are others who say that the music video got very popular because of – Shin Hyun Jun.

Romantic Music Video – Words That Are Hard 2 Say

Lee Seung Gi - Nam Sang Mi


Words That are Hard to Say (하기 힘든 말) – is touted as the Most Romantic Music Video in Korea if you have to go by the number of likes it has received on YouTube. It has around 6 million likes on YouTube from K-POP fans across the world.

South Korean singer and actor, Lee Seung Gi (이승기)  features in this music video along with South Korean actress, Nam Sang-Mi (남상미). This song is originally from his hit album – Crazy For You – released in Jan. 2006.

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