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Visiting Yeosu World Expo 2012

When education is combined with entertainment it’s often called, edutainment, but if you combine the best of both into an emotionally engaging and impactful experience it becomes something more, it becomes inspiration and that’s what you’ll find at the Yeosu World Expo of 2012. The event is meant to inspire, but you’ll have to hurry, because it’s only here for a season and then it will be gone forever. It ends on August 12.

Yes, this is the ancestor of the great world’s fair tradition that started in London in 1851 and introduced the great crystal palace. This is the same tradition that served as a platform to introduce us to the telephone, television, the statue of liberty, the Eiffel tower, motion pictures, the ferris wheel, escalators and disney’s, “It’s a Small World.” This year the event will be held in Korea and the theme will be “The Living Ocean and Coasts”.

Getting Tickets

17 Best Pinboards to follow on Pinterest if you love Korea


Pinterest is now the new social media tool in the league of Facebook, Flickr that can keep you hooked for minutes if not hours. And with so many users creating interesting pinboards it has become easier to explore, inspire, share and discover new aspects about your hobbies and interests. Since South Korea is in the list of must-visit places for lovers of Korean Culture it is obvious that one should follow some interesting pinboards about Korea.

Presenting below are the best 21 pinboards, which covers everything from Life in Korea, Places to Visit, K-Pop, Hallyu, Korean Fashion, Seoul and every other aspect of Korea. You can click the images below to view the pins (tip: right-click and select open in new window / tab).

Kwangjang Sijang – Traditional Korean Market


Palaces in Seoul are not the only way to explore a slice of Korean Culture and History. If you want to immerse yourself into the local culture of Korea then you should visit one of the traditional markets in Korea. Unlike the glitzy modern malls and supermarkets, Seoul’s traditional markets retain a special charm and should be included on your list of places to see. The markets are not only an important part of the local fabric, but also a tourist attraction in Korea.

The Seoul Metro Project


What do you get when you mix 17 photographers, copious amounts of coffee and over 400 subway stations?

The Seoul Metro Project!

Photography Spots in Korea – Series VI – Night Photography


This is a very special series as we have Mr. Sungjin Kim, an esteemed photographer from Korea. He has been contributing his pictures regularly to Getty Images and some of his work has been featured on the National Geographic website.

In this series, Sungjin Kim has shared not only his beautiful work on Korean Night Photography (showcased below) but also some wonderful tips on Night Time Photography in Korea. You can read the tips at the end of this post.

Tips for Night Time Photography

1. Preparations

Photography Spots in Korea – Series IV – Korea, the true haven for photography


The fourth in our series on Photography Spots in Korea, we will uncover the true beauty of South Korea through the photographic eyes of Tarun Chopra from India. Tarun will take us through Jeju, Gyeongju, Suwon, Muuido and other interesting places in Korea.

Jeju Island

Oedolgae Rock on the shores of Sammaebong in Seougwipo City, Jeju. A beautiful 20meter high standing rock, with deep blue water surrounding it. It was a quiet calming place on the Jeju olleh Route.

Photography Spots in Korea – Series III – Korean Markets

Korean Markets Gochu

The third in our series on Photography Spots in Korea, we have Colin Roohan from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He is a photographer, writer, and teacher who has been exploring the globe in search of creative inspiration. In this series we will follow him, through his pictures, in the traditional markets of Korea.

Photography Spots in Korea – Series I – Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring


The following is the first in our series of Photography Spots in Korea. In this series, our guest writer Ranjitha Jeurkar shares her top photography destinations in South Korea for the 4 seasons -

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

Colourful autumns, snowy winters, flowering cherry trees in the spring and outdoor activities in the simmer – Seoul, Korea, is a photographer’s paradise.

The Most Searched Movies in Korea for the year 2011


Watch the Top 10 Movies in South Korea for the year 2011. These movies were searched the most on Google for the year 2011 as per Google Zeitgeist data for South Korea. And the best part is that, 3 Hollywood movies have featured in this list.

Hanbok – 한복 – Korean Traditional Costume

Popular Romantic MV – Because I M A Girl – by K-POP Band KISS

Goo Hye Jin - Shin Hyun Joon


“Because I’m A Girl” is the song about a girl who feels betrayed by the one she loves. She hates him for leaving her after her surgery and sings about that. But he leaves her because he loves her immensely. This MV is about the sacrifice for the person you love.

This song features Goo Hye Jin (구혜진) and Shin Hyun Joon (신현준).

Goo Hye Jin who plays the femaled lead in this MV belongs to the K-Pop female trio band KISS. It was their first single, 여자 이니까 (Because I am a Girl) which brought them instant fame. This video went viral over the internet sending the song to the top of the charts and making it an immense hit in 2002. There are others who say that the music video got very popular because of – Shin Hyun Jun.

Romantic Music Video – Words That Are Hard 2 Say

Lee Seung Gi - Nam Sang Mi


Words That are Hard to Say (하기 힘든 말) – is touted as the Most Romantic Music Video in Korea if you have to go by the number of likes it has received on YouTube. It has around 6 million likes on YouTube from K-POP fans across the world.

South Korean singer and actor, Lee Seung Gi (이승기)  features in this music video along with South Korean actress, Nam Sang-Mi (남상미). This song is originally from his hit album – Crazy For You – released in Jan. 2006.

Topics In Korean History


Korean History

People often ask me, “Why are you interested in Korean history? Isn’t it just so sad?”

Well, they are partially right. Much of Korean history -ancient and modern- is a tragic story of suffering and wasted lives, but throughout it rings a beautiful story of a people who have managed to maintain a unique culture in the face of enormous difficulties.

The Rose of Sharon - The Flower of Eternity. South Korea's National Flower.

The Rose of Sharon/The Flower of Eternity. South Korea's National Flower.

Watch Code-name Azumma online – an infectiously cute movie

Codename Azumma - by H Culture Studio, South Korea

On any give day, our Azumma can be found at Big Mart competing against her like-minded peers for the ultimate prize: cheap but high quality goods. She outwits and used incredible strength to acquiring the perfect shirt for her son.

At home, she eagerly awaits for his arrival. A carefully prepared full-course dinner sits on the dining table. The prized shirt beckons to be tried on by its new owner. Finally, he walks in through the door. But, he walks directly into his private sanctuary, his bedroom.

There was no, “Wow, dinner smells great!” nor was there any “Thanks for the cool shirt, mom!”

7 Easy to Cook Korean Recipes

Japchae - Sweet potato noodles with shredded vegetables

Korean food is very popular, highly nutritious and absolutely easy to make. It does not take a lot of your time provided you have the key ingredients that make up the Korean kitchen. Make sure you stock your refrigerator with the following:

Vote for the Most Attractive Place in Seoul

Vote for the Most Attractive Place in Seoul

Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting a survey in order to find out about foreigners’ thinking on Seoul’s genuine attractiveness. Places like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Bukchon, Samcheon-dong, Insadong, Gwanghwamun Square, Cheongyecheon, Dongdaemun, Namdaemun, N Seoul Tower, Hongdae, Itaewon, Hangang River and many others are all competing for your attention. You can not only vote your best place but can also win prizes.

Download – Easy To Learn Korean – by Chad Meyer, Moonjung Kim


The Korea Guide is glad to announce that Chad Meyer and Moonjung Kim are presenting the first 50 pages of their soon-to-be released book – Easy to Learn Korean – for download. You can download your free copy of the digital version of this book (around 10 mb) by clicking the image below.

35 Top Free Korean iPhone apps


Life in Korea would not be that difficult if you take care of two things. One is that you procure a smartphone. And two you install apps that will make like in Korea a bit easier and a bit more convenient for you.

In this post we are bringing you the top free 35 iPhone apps which you can download on your iPhone. Some of them like Jihachul, Seoul Bus, iTour Seoul are the must have apps, some are just for fun apps and other apps can increase your understanding of Korean Culture and language.

We have divided these 35 apps in various categories to make it easier to for you the find the app that suits your need. To download these apps on iTunes you need click on the app icon and it will launch the app for you.

The 11th Seoul Performing Arts Festival


The 11th Seoul Performing Arts Festival, will be organized this fall (October 2011) in Seoul at Arko Arts Theater, Daehangno Arts Theater, Sogang University Mary Hall and Seoul Station. SPAF is organized by Hanguk Performing Arts Center and sponsored mainly by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The festival is considered to be one of the leading performing arts festivals in the country.

There will be overall 37 performances by participants from 8 countries. The participating countries are Korea, Italy, Japan, Colombia, Armenia, Australia, Germany and France

International Performances

Boseong Nok Chha Baat (Boseong Green Tea Fields)


Tea came to Korea from China over 2000 years ago. The Chinese drank tea to cleanse their body after eating oily food. The Japanese drank tea as an herbal remedy and the Koreans drank tea for releasing stress and wisdom.

Korean Traditional Objects of Everyday Use

Ttoeksals – 떡살 - for creating patterns on Rice Cakes

If you happen to visit any traditional Korean household or just go for a walk at any of the traditional markets like Namdaemun or Dongdaemun, you would come across many an interesting but traditional objects that would keep you wondering with questions like – Oh, what is this? but at the same time frustrated because there is this language barrier and you just cannot go about asking what it is? A lot of us go through this including me but some how its difficult to tame our curiosity. So, that is what made me do a bit of a research to find out the history of some of these objects which I have presented below.

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