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Korean Hanbok vs Japanese Kimono – Epic Dress Battles of History

Hanbok Post-3

What is a Hanbok? 

 A hanbok is a traditional Korean dress.  Throughout Korean history, commoners wore the hanbok and it became popularized during the celebrated Joseon Dynasty.  Interestingly, the hanbok was adopted from nomadic cultures in northern Asia, so its style is drastically different from the formal wear adopted by agricultural cultures like China.    Although the style of the hanbok evolved over time, Koreans still wear the hanbok for formal or semi-formal events like festivals, celebrations, special family events, weddings or first birthdays.

 What is a Kimono?

Journeying in Japan… Part 1, Osaka and Kyoto.

Leaving Taiwan with a tinge of regret that I didn’t have more time there, I boarded my flight bound for the second leg of my summer trip in Japan. Osaka was my initial destination where I would meet Luke, a friend from my time in Changwon and one of my team mates in the football team I currently play for. Flying into Osaka Kansai airport is a unique experience in itself as you swoop down from the sky, narrowly clearing a steel bridge that connects the artificial man-made island to the outskirts of Osaka. Apart for the last few seconds of flight it appears you are about to land on water and I believe on a stormy day the spray from the waves would tickle a planes undercarriage. Heart in the mouth moment over and baggage collected I got on the first of my pocket lightening train journeys to Tennoji, a district in Osaka that was close to our first lodgings, Bonsai Guesthouse.

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