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North Korea's business acumen and the South's Sunshine Policy

The proper way to beat your wife

America, the great enabler?

America, the great enabler?

North Korea to continue producing plutonium? Here is a simple solution

About an hour ago, the North Korean government said that it would restart production of weapons-grade plutonium, while at the same time saying it will pull out of the six-party talks for good.A statement released by the state-run media said: "The DPRK resolutely rejects the unjust action taken by the [United Nations] wantonly infringing upon the sovereignty of the DPRK and seriously hurting the

The Week We View for Apr. 12th

>In the Rude or Stupid department: The South Korean city of Iksan, which is known as Korea’s first “woman-friendly city,” the government installed 25 parking spaces reserved for women only. They’re outlined in pink, with a large pink flower symbol, and are 20 centimeters wider than the standard parking space. According to the Iksan government, the spaces were made larger in order to accommodate “

Are North Korean held journalists worthy of sympathy?

While I wish them well in their ordeal, I have yet to decide whether we should have any sympathy for the two American journalists being detained in North Korea. My suspicion is they knew exactly what they were doing, they expected to be arrested and were considering book deals long before booking their flights.The pair, who work for Current TV, a San Francisco-based media venture founded by

U.S. vs. N. Korea: A war of words that kills the home town fans

The bizarro world of American-North Korean relations is never without its share of diplomatic dunces and their counter intuitive clashes. The two governments battle for headlines on a daily basis in a game of PR brinkmanship that at times seems the game of children."He's the bad guy!" "No, he is the bad guy" "Axis of eeevul!" "Imperialists!" The endless assortment of threats and retaliations,

North Korea's need to be more of a floozy

North Korea has cut the military hot line to the South. The love line as it were --eliminating all formal ties between the two secretly smitten nations. I suppose dating is out of the question now. And so much for those late night text messages before bed.Oh well, I guess the world has had enough of this anyway: *^^* ♡ *^^*For North Korea, a country so desperately in need of a suitor since

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