kabocha powder

Kabocha Powder

This is an exciting food find for me- kabocha in powdered form!? My immediate thought was that it could be a healthy flour substitute in all kinds of baked goods!

I have only had this powder for a short period of time, so I’m still experimenting, but what I have learned so far is:

1. It is very absorptive. It soaks up alot of moisture! Making it great for puddings, egg white recipes and moist cakes.

2. It clumps easily. Definitely use a sieve before adding to your recipe. Those clumps don’t break up that easily!!

Cauliflower Bread Two Ways

After my recent wonderful discovery on Gmarket for frozen cauliflower (see here), I was dreaming of ways to use it. When I was back home in Canada for a whirlwind visit this August, I had my mom make me a cauliflower bread because I hadn’t had cauliflower in over a year, and had been salivating over all these wonderful recipes I had seen. Most cauliflower bread recipes call for cottage cheese, which I haven’t really seen here, so I needed to try out my own way.

Gmarket Finds!

As I mentioned before, I LOVE Gmarket! I was never at all an internet shopper before I came to Korea, but wow- now I definitely am! I would even say that Gmarket is one of my favourite things about Korea, haha!

This page will list products I’ve found on Gmarket that I use, or I think are a good price.

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