Romantic Music Video – Words That Are Hard 2 Say

Lee Seung Gi - Nam Sang Mi


Words That are Hard to Say (하기 힘든 말) – is touted as the Most Romantic Music Video in Korea if you have to go by the number of likes it has received on YouTube. It has around 6 million likes on YouTube from K-POP fans across the world.

South Korean singer and actor, Lee Seung Gi (이승기)  features in this music video along with South Korean actress, Nam Sang-Mi (남상미). This song is originally from his hit album – Crazy For You – released in Jan. 2006.

Dancing in Seoul (Guest post)

This guest post comes to you courtesy of Dee Mason, a freelance travel writer.

My K-Pop Addiction: 2ne1

Crown J is Gangsta!

Big ups to Brian in Jeollanam-Do for the heads up on this story. I couldn’t keep myself from posting about it.

It appears that Korean and American rap artists have more in common than I thought.

Last week,  K-rapper  Crown J was arrested in Seoul for smoking weed during his recent stay in Atlanta, GA, where he was recording songs for an upcoming album release.

“Ayyy Girl” Made Worse by Mr. West

So today I planned on posting on some thoughts I had over the weekend, but something better fell into my lap whilst desk warming at the J.O.B.

[Ten] Take a Break with music! (Bubble Love- MC Mong and Seo In Young)

This song is a collaboration by MC Mong and Seo In Young. It was just released two days ago on K-pop charts-very fresh :)

Hope you enjoy!

The lyrics in Hangul(the Korean alphabet) are below:
사랑해 너보다 값진 건 없어
널 사랑해 세상누구보다 더
저 하늘에 빛을 따라가다 만난
오직 나를 위한 한사람

톡톡 튀는 우리들의 bubble love

More K-Crap in time for Summer

More K-Crap in time for Summer

The evolution of K-pop, grab your rulers

First we had the talentless, though obsessively catchy, "Wonder Girls," with tunes promoting simple, good times, fun hooks and sex with minors. Then, came the equally talentless, though far less catchy, "Girls Generation" --pretty much the same thing, but only the appearance of jail bait.And now South Korea will unleash on the world a new collaboration, "Women's Generation" --a talentless,

South Korean Student Defects to the North

According to sources, a seventeen-year-old South Korean high school student has defected to North Korea. The sophomore student, Lee Sang-han, escaped in the early hours of the morning from his hotel, while on a one-day two-night class trip to China.South Korean Deunification Ministry official, Ahn Mei-eun, said that this is the first occurrence of a defection by a South Korean student to the

Another reason K-pop deserves no respect

Sure, it's fun, its flashy and the tunes sometimes get stuck in your head for days on end, but basically, it is just fluff --lacking any artistic integrity. The process of putting it together the equivalent of manufacturing a can of coke.OK, I have become my father, but check out this clip of the ultimate perversion of pop music, Korea's nine-girl make-up mavens, "Girls' Generation."During a

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