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Judo Techniques by Korean 7th Dan

Master Go Cheong Pil, 7th Dan
Back home in America, if a seasoned red and white belt judoka from Korea put on a clinic we would gladly shell out $50-100 no sweat.  It's not everyday that you have access to that high of a rank from a country that dominates the sport.

MMA Girl/English Teacher Fighting In South Korea

Back in December of 2012 I did a blog post about a fellow English teacher who trains in MMA here in Busan.  She has since started competing and is currently 2-0.  Jade Marie Anderson is from the USA and came to Busan to teach English through EPIK about a year ago.  In addition to teaching full-time, she is also a full-time mixed martial artist.

Judo in Korea - What Gi Should I Buy? (Mizuno or Adidas)

Many prospective teachers coming to Korea to teach English are also interested in being part of the large martial arts community here.  I've received many questions about the facilities I train at and the general landscape of arts in South Korea.  One of the big questions we all have once getting started is, "what is the right gi (uniform) for me?"

Korean College Judo Development Program

A fellow judoka and friend here in Korea introduced me to one of the large college judo development programs in Busan - Dong-eui University (dong oo-ee).  It's a prep for high schoolers and part of the curriculum for college students studying Physical Education.  It also showcases some top tier talent in the city.  I had a chance to work out with them and see what it was all about.  Let's just say I'm in pain!!

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