Racist Bastards!

In the university library there’s this reasonably okay travel book, Korea: A Walk Through The Land Of Miracles, by Simon Winchester, in which the author walks around the country encountering Korean things and Korean people during the 1980s, which is rather interesting for several reasons, as it seems the entire country was encircled by a barbed-wire fence at the time (to keep North Korean spies from nocturnal amphibious landings), and Koreans themselves had to work incredibly hard if they wanted to obtain a passport, while their relationship to gigantic conglomerates like Hyundai sounds a lot like the typical North Korean’s relationship to the state: in exchange for your life, the company will provide everything you need, even your shoes! I don’t have the book with me now but I may post an excerpt.


The title was suggested by one of my distant American friends.

I don’t even usually think of myself as a Jew; to 99% of the people here, and elsewhere, I am a white person. I don’t even look Jewish. When pressed to define what a Jewish person looks like, I’m at a loss, as there are even African Jews and Chinese Jews out and about, not just the Protocols-Of-The-Elders-Of-Zion-Esque Long-Nosed Rabbi-Snakes curling their majestic coils about the circumference of the terraqueous globe.

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