And the difference between these folks and the Taliban is?

Heritage Christian, a fundamentalist Baptist high school in Ohio that forbids dancing, rock music, hand-holding, kissing and probably those dirty little thoughts you are thinking right now, has said that they will suspended a student and prevent him from graduating if he takes his girlfriend to her public high school prom.Principal, Tim London, said in an interview with Fox, "At the prom there

J.C. and The Boys - The strange world of young Jesus. # 2

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Jesus on a License Plate: Rude or Stupid?

Only in one of the most religiously partisan countries in the world would a government conceive of a hair-brained idea such as offering license plates with a guy nailed to a wooden cross. The country is, of course, America. And the guy --Jesus. Perhaps you have heard of him.Never mind the obvious issues of the separation of Church and State, they have already been parsed through enough --I am

The Religious Right puts Darwin's theory in serious doubt

I am a firm believer in evolution and the complete lack of intelligent design in the process. But when I look at right wing religious groups such as the American Family Association, I wonder if some of us ever made that last step from ape to human.The most recent evidence comes in their call for Republican National Party chairman, Michael Steele, to resign for saying that abortion is a choice but

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