Registration For July 20th Meeting Open!!

Our last few meetings have been on the upscale side of the makgeolli scene, so for this meeting we thought we would try something a little more casual. The place we are headed is in hongdae, has a wide range of makgeolli, and also some interesting dong dong ju combinations. Spaces are limited, so get those emails in quick! Send us a message at to get your spot:)

Christian Korea

Buying Circle Lenses in Korea

Do you want to buy cosmetic contacts in Korea?

Circle lenses (AKA those contacts that make your eyes appear cuter and larger with a thick outer ring) are a huge trend here in Asia, maybe even a beauty must with some ages at this point. Wearing these contacts has become as everyday and normal as dying your hair, you cant walk a few feet in some areas without seeing a pretty set enhanced eyes nowadays.

Korean Ddung dolls

Do you know Ddung yet?  Well you should!!

Ddung is an adorable little 4 year old girl who knows everything and has a chubby little belly!

Edae 이대 ♥ Trendy Uni Shopping Area

Right in front of the famed Ewha Women’s University is an area called Edae 이대 which is a cluster of small shops weaving and twisting through many streets around the campus front gates. 

♥ ♥ ♥

Edae University was founded in 1866 by the American Missionary Mary Scranton,  today it is considered one of the top schools in Korea to attend along with Seoul University.  It is a very trendy area with a range of tastes and styles, and since its right next to the popular Hongdae and Shinchon university stations (the trend trinity!) it is a given that this area is usually packed with younger people shopping and having a good time on the weekend.

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