Immigration office

Has anyone run into this problem? (ARC & blood work time limits)

I lived in South Korea last year with no issues getting my medical check, ARC card and medical insurance. This year I'm going through the process again because I went home for a while and have returned on a new Visa.

Now on my second year, My first week I went to the hospital to get my blood work done. One week later I recieved the "all's good" and went to the immigration office in Busan. They said that it will take one month to get the ARC card. Got the ARC card today, Now the Education office says they need my ARC card and blood work that is NO MORE than one month old. So 1 week waiting for results + 4 weeks waiting for my ARC card = 5 weeks. Officially my bloodwork is to old to submit to the education office. 

“I’m An Alien, I’m No Longer An Illegal Alien, I’m A British Woman In Busan…”

Or: How to finish work early and get home late. 

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