Hyundai ‘Shocked’ as Camry wins Korea’s Car of the Year Award

Korean carmaking giant Hyundai Motors was recently humbled when the Toyota Camry was voted Car of the Year by the Korean Automobile Journalist Association. Hyundai’s formerly protected market has been blown wide open by recent FTAs and the still dominant player is looking for ways to respond, not all of which are advisable.


SEOUL, South Korea – Until quite recently South Korea’s protective tariff policies and nettlesome import regulations made it nearly impossible for foreign car manufacturers to compete with local makes—much less turn a reasonable profit.

Cupcakes & Coffee @ Sky Garden, Hyundai.

I've been to my local Hyundai Department Store more times than I care to imagine and no doubt many more times than I should have been. At least that's what my purse would tell you. In all these times I'd never known about one fantastic little secret it holds. Tucked away on the roof is a garden, or rather 'Sky Garden' as they call it. It was a complete surprise to me. It's a beautiful space where you can enjoy some outdoor air away from the chaos of the store and city. There's a strange phenomenon that I've observed a few times before, when your right in the heart of a busy city, slightly quieter spaces seem to take on a heightened sense of tranquility. Here it feels like you're a million miles away from the bustling basement grocery store and the snooty looks of the middle aged women browsing the designer rails.

The Korean Car Industry's First Time Battle on its Home Turf


Korean What-the-Fuckery on the Bus

I often visit a blog call What the Kimchi??? On it, Flint does a series entitled “Mook of the Week” where he details some of the crazy shit that he notices Koreans doing.

Many of these posts are incredibly funny, and while I have no intentions of starting a similar series on this blog, I experienced something last week that reminded me of the Korean what-the-fuckery I often read about on What the Kimchi???

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