South Korean HIV/AIDS Patients Face Discrimination & Abuse

Christian Science Monitor writer John Powers says that while HIV & AIDS patients in South Korea have long found it difficult to find medical care, as the number of cases increase, so does patient abuse. Korea FM spoke with John Power & US attorney Benjamin Wagner, who has argued at the UN against discrimination in South Korea, to find out more about how HIV & AIDS patients are treated in the ROK.

Interview answers, both in written & audio form, have been edited for length & clarity.

If you live in Cheonan and you need a health check done at a...

Bus 2, 30, 92, 97, 911, 12, 31, 94, or 910 will get you there.

Re-newing Medical Check

Time to re-sign and I am being asked to get a basic medical check up.

I checked with the wonderful Nurse Lee at Dongeui Medical but the check is 90,000W, which my teachers insist is too much for something so basic.

I found the list of accredited hospitals on the immigration office site as follows: 

The Korea Baptist Convention Medical Foundation (Wallace Memorial Baptist Hospital)

Busan ST. Mary's Medical Center

Bumin Hospital

Letter from Korea, December 2012

Suwon, South Korea
December, 2012

Dear Ireland

There are moments when I completely forget that I’m a father now, and I lapse into my old routine, desperate for something which I used to think was enjoying. Things are a little different now. It’s not that those things which I used to be entertained by are no longer entertaining, as they are somewhat, it’s just that these moments where I forget don’t last long. I’m either jolted from a daydream into activity by a gurgle or yelp, a call from Herself (who seems perpetually busy), or I just remember.  It’s a nice realisation to have over and over again.

Old Man Syndrome

On Friday morning at around 6.40, while many were still in bed or still only waking up, I was standing in the delivery room of the maternity hospital in Dongtan where myself and Herself have been frequenting on and off over the past nine months. Staring right in our faces was a tiny, screaming child, whose skin was still blue and covered in quickly drying blood having just being removed from the womb of my beloved wife. I will not lie. I cried at that very moment, but I did my best not to show it.


Rant and Rave 5: How many fingers…?

It’s funny how something I see every day here in Korea stirs memories of primary school in England. During that time, my days sitting at the back of the classroom were numbered as it became harder and harder for me to read what the teacher was writing on the board. My difficulties were not really noticed until my first visit to an optometrist. It was there I was diagnosed with mild astigmatism and recommended that I needed aid in the vision department. To me, having my eyesight corrected was nothing short of a miraculous opening up of the world. Suddenly, I could fully enjoy growing up in the heyday of Thundercats, Grotbags, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and other such delights that I considered to be the finer things in life. So, to sport my affections, I chose a pair of tortoise-shell blue frames for my first glasses.

West Busan Centum Hospital

West Busan Centum Hospital

Gweabeop-dong, Sasang-gu,

phone: 051-329-3142, Website:

West Busan Centum Hospital and Busan Centum Hospital are on a network as the sister hospitals in Busan. We have 6 medical departments, that is, Orthopedics, Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Neurology, Anesthesia and Pain Medicine, Diagnostic Radiology and also 7 specialized medical centers, Hand & Microsurgery Center, Fracture Center, Spine Center, Artificial Joint and Arthroscope Center, Digestive Center, Heart Center, Diabetes Center, Health promotion Center.


*Medical consultation hours

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