Hongdae/ 홍대앞

Star shine ★ 스타샤인 ~ girly vintage shopping in Hongdae

Today I have a sweet little boutique tucked away on the quiet Northern area of Hongdae to share with you! We discovered it one day on our way to Molly’s Pop’s and immediately I was sucked in by all the cute clothing on display outside!  I am pleased to introduce you to “Star Shine” boutique~ sweet and girly vintage style shopping! ★

Molly’s Pops 몰리스팝스 ~ Fun Flavored Ice Pops in Hongdae!

Do you like ice cream in yummy flavors like brownie or chocolate mint?  What about Powdered Soybean, Beer, Makkoli, Wasabi, or Cheese???  If this sounds like a fun food adventure for you, let me introduce you to a Korean blogger favorite~ Molly’s Pops in Hongdae!

Stylish & Unique Men’s Haircuts at “Evan Style” in Hongdae

Are you a stylish guy looking for a cool place to get a haircut in Seoul? Do you want something modern like a K-pop star, crazy dye job, or not quite the safe norm found at most salons in the city? Well we have found a great place that caters to all tastes~ trendsetting and unique or stylish and modern ♥ Evan Style!

The stylists of Evan Style~ They look pretty awesome themselves!

Let’s Go Shopping in Hongdae 홍대 ♥

Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 ♥ Super Cute Seoul Bakery

Today I have an extra adorable place to share with you! Quite possibly one of the cutest bakeries in all of Korea, let me share Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라윰 with you! Hongdae’s cutest bakery for the last 5 years!

Chocolat Yum 쇼콜라 윰 ♥ Pronounced sho-co-la-yoom

Dorothy 도로시♥ Fancy Pet Clothing Store in Hongdae

Ah yes, who does not love dressing up our animal friends in pretty outfits?  Korea LOVES  dressing up pets, while in the states you only saw a few outfits once and a while, here in Seoul the majority of pets have on at least some cute shirt or outfit when they are out for a walk. I see just about anyone doing this too~  from business suited men, little old ladies, teenage girls, to high school boys walking with a dog on a leash in some sort of pretty shirt.

Cat Cafe ♥ Cat’s Attic in Hongdae

The other day we had our lovely friend Jessica visiting Seoul from LA on business for the weekend ♥  Thankfully she had a bit of free time and really wanted to check out a Korean Cat Cafe, so we were happy to take her to one ^^  actually, Nara and I had not stopped by a Cat Cafe since we bought our kitty “Milk”, so we were way past due for a visit.

Cafe Lazy Cat ♥ 게으른고양이

Wolverine Kebabs

Spotted this restaurant sign in Hongdae. haha I really want to go in sometime!

Kitchy Cupcakes at Minon Cafe


Looking for an adorable kitschy cute cafe in Seoul to sip on some tea and enjoy a cupcake? How about Cafe Minion in Hapjeong 합정 (outer Hongdae 홍대)

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