Hong Seok-cheon

Links from the Week: No Queer Parade in Seoul Plaza, Human Rights Commission sponsors Jesus healing homosexuals, and more

Queer Links from the Week: couple pushes Park on his stance on gay relationships, Hong Seok-cheon for Yongsan mayor, and a lesbian kiss on JTBC

A gay couple at a town hall meeting with Seoul Mayor Park Won Soon asked about gay rights, with a British expat asking 'How can I stay in Korea with the man I love? Where are my rights?' The expat, Simon HW, directly asked the mayor after having called the immigration office about applying for a partner visa several times. I applaud Simon (who actually used to work across the street from me), and hope more brave couples apply for marriage licenses. You can see the video over at youtube. 

Queer Links from the Week: Korea University bans anti-gay discrimination, Seoul struggling to do the same, and Kinky Boots coming to Korea

Progress for sexual minorities has made way at Korea University, which has become the First Korean unviersity to ban anti-gay discrimination on campus. This trend reflects how South Koreans Are More Accepting of LGBT Community, which you can read more about in an article from The Diplomat with data showing that Koreans have become more accepting to the idea that homosexuality may be justifiable. Of course, it is a slow process.

Queer Links from the Week: LGBT Anti-Discrimination Law, Transgender Prostitution in Namsan, and More

Hong Seok-cheon's 두근두근 레스토랑 Smartphone Game

It is testament to Hong Seok-cheon's increasing popularity that Kakao has released a new game featuring the TV personality / restauranteur. When playing "Heart Throb Restaurant" (kind of...), keep in mind that Hong Seok-cheon ended up opening restaurants in Itaewon to survive a period of time when Korea had completely turned its back on him due to his decision to come out.

Celebrating 20 Years of Chingusai

On Saturday night in Jongno, queer activists and allies gathered to celebrate the 20th year of Chingusai (Between Friends), a gay men’s group that has played a pivotal role in the gay rights movement in Korea. Their stated goals are to change society's distorted views of homosexuality, protect human rights and educate people on their rights, and promote HIV/AIDS education.

Queer Links from the Week

Translation: "I Prevented Suicide" ... Hong Seok-cheon confesses a case where he counseled a homosexual "자살 막았다"…홍석천, 동성애자 상담 사례 고백

[TV리포트=홍의석 기자] 홍석천이 상담으로 자살을 막은 사실을 고백했다.

[TV Report: Hong Eui-seok] Hong Seok-cheon confessed that his counseling led to a preventing a suicide.

2013: A Year in Review

Top 5 Posts of 2013

In 2013, I saw a huge spike in my readership. Here are my top 5 read posts of 2013. 

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