How do I set a passwork on a Qook router?

I just moved into an apartment that had internet set up - with router and all. However, there is no password set on the Qook router and I can't figure out how to set it. I've tried both and and both time out so I don't know how to get to the settings on the thing.

Someone is definitely leeching my internet and it's SLOOOOOOOOOOW. (apart from all the other obvious reasons to put a password on the network.)

That's the extent of my tech savvy!

How to Write a Blog – Korea Version

I’ve been writing a blog for about three years now, maybe a little less, so for some I am an expert, but also far from a know-it-all and certainly still a newcomer to some of the older hands at this, but at the same time I’ve been moderately consistent and have had, for want of a better word, success blogging.

Of course, if you keep in some circles you may be forgiven for thinking that everyone is writing a blog these days. And this may very well be the case, I suppose. If you go looking for one of the increasingly updated definitive lists of English speaking bloggers in Korea you will find that this list is getting longer and longer.

Fundraising event!!


Hey everyone! This is the first time that I have tried something like this. So, I have the opportunity to buy a really sweet espresso machine but the catch is that I am married and my wife will most likely kill me if I spend $800 on a used espresso machine (plus grinder and goodies!)… really…. she  would…

HELP! My school is trying to take my severance/flight money!


Long story short I was threated to be fired in May (4 months ago). But they didn't fire me and I kept working until now (august). Now I'm tryin to get my airfare and my severance and my boss said that I was officially fired in May so I can't get my airfare or my severance. 


I need to figure out who to call adn what to do. I''m tryign to call the labor board tomorrow and I've heard I should also call immigration. But can anyone give me any other tips or help or ideas? I can't have really been fired in May as I was never told that, I kept working, and I imagine it would be illegal for them to have fired me and kept me on staff anyways? Is it possible I can lose this battle?


Anyways any tips/info/insight is dearly appreciated I'm supposed to finish my contract in 8 days!

Korean Constellations and Their Mythology

Hey everyone!


I am a senior at Georgia Southern University working as an intern at the planetarium.  I am in the process of creating a public evening event that will be given in April.  Because I lived in Seoul twice, for a total of 3.5 years, I was wanting to do Asian constellations and mythology for my event, focusing mainly on Korea.

However, actually finding material on this subject is damn near impossible.

GIFT Ministry in Dongnae (now with free Korean classes)

Every day we face choices, new tasks, new challenges, new obstacles, sometimes new jobs, new relationships, and for many of you a new or different life in a new country and culture different from where you grew up. It helps to have a community around you to help you adjust and learn to adapt quickly, see the sites,  share your experiences and ideas with and to just hang out and relax together. GIFT Ministry (website: is a friendly community trying to help English speakers in Busan make the most of life here.

One new program we are offering is free Korean classes at 2pm on Saturdays for beginners.  These can help make navigating life in Korea quite a bit easier, more efficient and we have an experienced, very kind and helpful Korean teacher who speaks excellent English leading them! Come join and "level up" your Korean :).

Left handed Screen Golf

Hey guys, I arrived in Korea over 6 months ago, and having heard of screen golf 4 months ago was excited, and then saddened because I can only find golf places that are right-hand only.

I found one lefty place, but they had no clubs, I would have to buy my own instead of paying the 2 000 Won to use theirs.

Does anyone know of a screen golf place (preferably between KSU and Jansgan (closer to Jangsan) that has left-handed clubs available.


Thanks in advance

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who help each other stay sober one day at a time.  There are no leaders, rules, or fees in our fellowship.  Our sole purpose is to help those interested live a happy, sane, sober life by applying the twelve steps.   


The Way Down South in Busan Group is an OPEN Meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous, which means that anyone interested in our program and fellowship is welcome--whether they have a desire to stop drinking or not.


We meet on Sundays from 11 am to 12 pm.  If you choose to attend, you are not required to do anything.  Our meeting location is between Judies Tawae and Migliore in Seomyeon. 

Email Address:


THANKS FOR STOPPING BY.  Have a great day

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