How To Fight The Hellos

It’s always confused me, this occasional predilection Asia has for greeting non-Asians with an English hello—I was once helloed as faraway as the Balinese countryside, while riding on the back of a speeding motorbike, by a uniformed schoolchild—and though I can’t speak for the tone used in China, Japan, or other countries, my impression is that in Korea the speaker is generally attempting to alienate you from his culture, to establish that you are a member of a different tribe, to amuse his friends, or to sate a Pavlovian reflex implanted within his consciousness by his television or his elders: when you see a person who looks slightly different, you must say hello in English.

“Call Me Maybe, Teacher?” -Phone Teaching with Korean Students-

A 1,000 hellos everyday…

It happened! Everything went relatively smoothly and I have now moved jobs and cities! On the 24th of June I met my new employers, the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education, in central Busan. On a steaming hot day in business attire I nervously arrived at the requested location with newly acquired visa extension in hand. I was introduced to the officer in charge of recruitment and anxiously waited for my schools representative to pick me up. Fifteen minutes later I was picked up and taken away to my new home. Slightly disappointingly I found out my new home was to be in Hadan. Hadan is in the South-West of Busan. However, my school was to be even further away in Myeong-Ji. The education authority only inform you of your schools location when you arrive (So new teachers don’t decide to not board the plane in case their school is not somewhere they don’t want to be).

The beginning.

Hello everyone or should it be nobody?!
Starting out I don't know if anyone will read this, I certainly hope they will though. It's actually my aim to make this into something that lots of people will read.

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