happy new year

How Koreans Celebrate Lunar New Year


Viewing 2015 Through the Lens of 2014

It’s about noon at the Dunphy house on the east coast of the USA, in sunny but chilly Middletown, New Jersey. Dad just put a small sausage pizza in his NuWave countertop oven and I am writing a blog about it. The pizza from ShopRite was 50% off, which means it will be even more delicious.

Meanwhile, back in Busan and Gimhae, South Korea, 2015 celebrations are well underway. And from here it feels like a dream. Or something long ago. Or something that hasn’t happened yet.

But, it’s something I’ll be back in the midst of in a few days after an 18-day sojourn over several seas. Thus, all the time, sleeping pills, early, early mornings and compromised digestive tracts will need to be calibrated anew. Shit. Maybe a poor choice of words.

Happy New Year!

It's 2013!!
Aaron and I spent New Years Eve on the 3rd floor of HQ in Kyungsung with Ashley, Adam, Jeff, Priscilla and Nick, and rang in the new year with Lea Michelle's version of Auld Lang Syne, which we found 30 seconds before the countdown reached the last second of 2012 and blared it over the bar's speakers!  I got teary eyed as Aaron pulled me close to kiss me at midnight and I was surrounded by great friends!  I am blessed and so thankful for what happened in 2012!

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