Hanoi, Vietnam: My Last Days in Asia

Since I’ve spent so many nights longing to go back to the USA, it feels surreal to finally say that today is my last day here in Vietnam.  I’m so happy and relieved to finally be going back home!  I am looking forward to tackling my law school applications with full force, and I am excited to find a new job and place to live!  I am also anxious to see the people who are very important to me, and of course, to feast on fresh bagels and cream cheese. FEAST MODE! Ah, and to go to the nice quiet libraries. And to go running in nice, open sidewalks.  And to be reunited with my car.   And to have craft beer!!!!!

My last week in Asia has been spent in Hanoi with my mother.  After our action-packed trip to Sapa, we decided to stay in one place and explore it thoroughly rather than to spend long hours traveling from city to city by bus.

Short Travel Video Montage

Iput together a few short clips of some of my travels so far. I’ll add to it as I record more stuff.



my life = ♥

Sitting stooped on footstool, surrounded by hundreds of laughing locals sipping lemon ice tea and spitting sweet sunflower seeds that compliment each other perfectly, its a perfect hot and sticky night in Hanoi. I knew as soon as I arrived I was going to love it here. The busy streets with motorbikes weaving in and out like swarming bees, the honks from people trying to make their self known, the tall thin buildings towering the travelers and conical shaped hats below. I don't think I am in Korea anymore. 

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