Beaches and Buddha in Busan

Busan is South Korea's second largest city and despite it being only 450 km from Seoul, it couldn't be more different than the nation's capital.

My mom and I decided to take a trip down south back in May during Buddha's Birthday, a national holiday here in Korea. We hopped the incredibly comfortable and efficient KTX bullet train at Seoul Station and were in Busan in about three hours. We were glad we had booked our tickets a month in advance, which is necessary to do when traveling during a holiday weekend, because there were a lot of people that were forced to stand in the aisles for the entirety of the trip.

Beach Rock | Haeundae/Busan, South Korea

Some shaky handheld video from Haeundae Beach last weekend. Try it full-screen.






Neon At Night | Busan, South Korea

Sunset in Busan

Haeundae’s Sand Festival

Busan Hobby Photographers Meet-up TODAY

If you are in Busan today there will be a meet-up at 4:30pm today to hike up Jangsan and get some shots of Gwangali bridge and cityscapes. The meet-up is put on by the facebook group “Korea’s Hobby Photographers” and I am happy that I will get to know them, later today. Here is the link to their facebook Event


Meeting location and time: 4:30 pm near Jangsan station at cafe Nudge. According to event organizer, Josh Beagle, it is on the corner between exits 11 and 13.

Haeundae Beach - Sand Castles - From a Kite

Haeundae Beach - Sand Castles - From a Kite

I took this photo from a camera suspended from a kite line, it was during the big sandcastle event in Haeundae.  You can see a group of people working to create a structure in the middle.

Seagull Feeding

Seagull Feeding

At Haeundae beach. January 2011.

Salsa Cocktail Party @ Seomyeon/Steak after party @ Haeundae

Saturday, January 28, 2012 - 19:30

Busan International Salsa Club Cocktails night
2 Cocktails Night / Steak&Soju after party@ Haeundae

Takin' the Plunge at the Haeundae Polar Bear Swim Festival

I had the pleasure recently of watching the 25th Polar Bear Swimming Contest on Busan's beautiful Haeundae Beach.

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