Ha Long Bay

Vlog Entry #22: Get Wet, Go Wild

Drift with me through the streets, hillsides and waters of northern Vietnam on the “Get Wet, Go Wild” tour, offered by Vietnam Backpacker Hostels! Catch a glimpse of Hanoi’s top attractions: Quan Thanh Temple, St. Joseph’s Cathedral and the West Lake. Then hop on board a junk boat to cruise past the cliffs of Ha Long Bay. Throw in a bit of swimming, kayaking, rock climbing and beach volleyball for good measure. Lastly, journey inland to the rural Mai Chau Valley, home to breath-taking, emerald rice paddies and towering, dramatic peaks.

my life = ♥

Sitting stooped on footstool, surrounded by hundreds of laughing locals sipping lemon ice tea and spitting sweet sunflower seeds that compliment each other perfectly, its a perfect hot and sticky night in Hanoi. I knew as soon as I arrived I was going to love it here. The busy streets with motorbikes weaving in and out like swarming bees, the honks from people trying to make their self known, the tall thin buildings towering the travelers and conical shaped hats below. I don't think I am in Korea anymore. 

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